The greater Philadelphia Bahá'i community is a great resource for Penn students interested in getting involved in the core activities and service around the city. All are welcome! For more information, visit Engage yourself in in the Philadelphia community through the following activities, events and opportunities, and more:
  • Empower young people in the community by leading a junior youth group as an animator
  • Participate in Bahá'i study circles and devotional gatherings with people from all religious, social ethnic backgrounds
  • Teach virtues and spiritual principles to Philadelphia children through fun activities and group exercises as the leader of a Bahá'i children's class - serve as a friend and role model!
  • Connect with a wide network of enthusiastic and friendly individuals across the city of Philadelphia and find out more about what it means to be a Bahá'i
  • Attend a Holy Day celebration or other event at the Philadelphia Bahá'i Center
  • Cultivate religious unity by participating in interfaith events