Neighborhood Wildlife Pics

If you'd like to contribute and share your Mystic Shores specific, nature-related photos to this page, just email them 
to me at "". I'll format to fit properly.The latest submissions will be at the top of this page. Just click on these images to see a larger version. I can't promise to post all submissions. Thanks, Chuck Davey
Texas landmine by Chuck Davey
Grey Fox by Myra Stewart
Praying Mantis eating mate by Sharon Deeny
Native Poinsettia by Coco Brenan
Four fledged Barn Swallows by Dennis Deeny

Black & Yellow Garden Spider by Chuck Davey
Crested Caracara w/stolen baby Mockingbird by Chuck DaveyMayfly by Clay CrumBlack Chinned hummer in nest by Ann Conner

Eastern Fence Lizard on rock wall by Chuck Davey
Young raccoon in backyard tree by Chuck DaveyAbandoned Wren's nest in bird feeder by Chuck Davey

Backyard foxes by Barbara Rolleg
Roadrunner by Myra Stewart
Passion Flower by Coco Brennan
Praying Mantis by Chuck Davey
Stick insect with dime by Chuck Davey
Red-eared Sunfish by Clay Crum
Newly fledged Barn Swallows on gutter by Coco Brennan
Carolina Anole on rock wall by Chuck Davey

Newborn fawn in buffalo grass by Dennis Deeny
Queen butterfly on wildflower by Chuck Davey
Unusual white-tailed sparrow on patio by Chuck Davey
Wild Turkeys in backyard by Brian Trock
Mantis consuming hummingbird by Brian Trock