Committee Charter

This committee is chartered by both the Mystic Shores and the The Peninsula at Mystic Shores POA's.  For simplicity we have just used the phrase Mystic Shores throughout the website.

April 1, 2010

Mystic Shores/Peninsula Conservation Committee Charter


The Mystic Shores/Peninsula Conservation Committee is formed to provide advice and recommendations to the Mystic Shores/Peninsula POA Board of Directors on the range of issues and topics necessary for implementing the promotion, protection and education of our community on all our natural resources, with a focus on our local flora and fauna conservation.


-Preserve and enhance the property values in Mystic Shores.

-Promote and encourage scientific studies and projects that will enhance the biodiversity and health of the indigenous wildlife.

-Promote and encourage the use of indigenous plants in landscape enhancement.

-Educate the community on relevant conservation issues, including water conservation and light pollution.

-Identify outside resources to assist in education and conservation efforts.

Specific Responsibilities

-Establish a course of action for the committee including organization, staffing, and creating a budget.

-Prioritize and cost out beautification projects for common areas.

-Make recommendations for effective control of oak wilt, ball moss and mistletoe.

-Assist property owners in identifying solutions for pest animals

-Investigate certification possibilities.