Joanne Carter

Joanne has always been fascinated with glass and it was her intent to learn how to blow glass when she retired. She was able to do a little of this but soon realized that the equipment needed was very extensive. Her love of working with molten glass soon turned to lamp work or torch work when a chance meeting with a silversmith / bead maker led to a one-on-one workshop and thus her new adventure with glass began. Jewellery making was a natural progression for Joanne as she has always had an interest in fashion and adornment. The colour choices in the glass she uses from Murano, Italy is extensive, exciting and never ending.  Inspiration for Joanne comes from everything around her. It is always a pleasure for her to work closely with a client to design a one-of-a-kind, very personal piece of glass art. Each bead is made one at a time in a 2200 degree open flame using graphite tools to help shape the glass. When cool, the beads are annealed in a kiln. Then begins the fun of putting all the beads together. Joanne uses sterling silver, pearls, semi precious stones and Swarovski crystals to complete her creations. Joanne's love of glass and design continues!!!!

About Joanne.....

Joanne was born in Vancouver, grew up in Burnaby and moved to Surrey in the mid 60's. She and her husband (of 50 years), David, raised their two sons on acreage in S. Surrey.
Joanne taught the Tiffany technique of stained glass in the Surrey and Langley adult education programs for 22 years including a season at Kwantlen. She also taught leaded glass window repair. In junior high school she was making and selling floral coursages and bouquets.

Art shows have been many, including the Christmas Market at Heritage Hall in Vancouver; Harmony Arts Summer Festival in West Vancouver and the Harrison Hot Springs Summer Art Festival.

Joanne spends her winters in Arizona where she has access to a silver smithing shop.  She teaches the lost wax process of jewellery making and is now incorporating this new craft into her studio. 

Learning is exciting to Joanne and she wonders what's next.

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