Research Projects
  • Heat and mass transfer in tree-like network with fractal theory and CFD: derive macroscopic transport parameters such as thermal and flow resistance, heat conductivity, permeability of network; simulate convection heat transfer for application in electronic cooling with Fluent.
  • Fractal analysis of permeability in porous media: set up microscopic seepage flow model for homogenous and heterogeneous porous media, derive analytical permeability with fractal theory, modify Kozeny-Carman equation.
  • CFD model of hydrocyclone: simulate flow field and particle separation of hydrocyclone with Fluent; investigate erosion induced wear; optimize and design hydrocyclone with CFD taking energy cost, separation efficiency and erosion-induced wear together into account.
  • Drying of nanosuspension: experimentally investigate the mechanism in drying of nanosuspension coated on substrate and cracking phenomenon, study the effect of drying methods and conditions on the cracking, explore solutions for crack-free thin film.
  • CFD  model of pulsed impinging jet: study the heat transfer of pulsed turbulence impinging jet with CFD modeling.
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Publication List (Partial)
  • Peng Xu, Zhonghua Wu and Arun S. Mujumdar, Mathematical Modeling of Industrial Transport Processes, TPR Group, NUS, Singapore, 2009. Free Download 1     Free Download 2

  • Peng Xu and B. Yu, The scaling laws of transport properties for fractal-like tree network, Journal of Applied Physics 100 (2006) 104906.
  • Peng Xu, B. Yu et al., Heat conduction in fractal tree-like branched networks, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 49 (2006) 3746-3751.
  • Peng Xu, B. Yu et al., Analysis of permeability for the fractal-like tree network by parallel and series models, Physica A 369 (2006) 884-894.
  • Peng Xu, B. Yu et al., Permeability of the fractal disk-shaped branched network with tortuosity effect, Physics of Fluids 18 (2006) 078103.
  • Peng Xu and B. Yu, Developing a new form of permeability and Kozeny-Carman constant for homogeneous porous media by means of fractal geometry, Advances in Water Resources 34 (2008) 74-81. 
  • Peng Xu, A.S. Mujumdar and B. Yu, Fractal theory on drying: A review, Drying Technology 26 (2008) 1-11.
  • Peng Xu and B. Yu et al., An analysis of the radial flow in the heterogeneous porous media based on fractal and constructal tree networks, Physica A, 387 (2008) 6471-6483.
  • Peng Xu, Z. Wu, A.S. Mujumdar and B. Yu, Innovative hydrocyclone inlet designs to reduce erosion-induced wear in mineral dewatering processes, Drying Technology, Vol. 27 (2009) 201-211.
  • Peng Xu, A. S. Mujumdar and B. Yu, Drying induced cracks in thin films fabricated from colloidal dispersions, Drying Technology, 27 (2009) 636-652..
  • Peng Xu, Xiangqi Wang, Arun S. Mujumdar, Thermal characteristics of tree-shaped microchannel nets with/without loops, International Journal of Thermal Science, 28 (2009) 2139-2147.
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Dr. Peng Xu (徐鹏)
College of Science, China Jiliang University
Hangzhou, P.R. China



B.S., Physics, Qufu Normal University, China (00-04)
Ph. D., Condensed Matter Physics, Huazhong University of Science & Technology (04-09)
Visiting Ph. D. Scholar, Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore (07-09)