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Noah Diaz

Noah Diaz, from Congers, is 5 years old and the youngest of 5 children. He was born with a severe heart condition, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and Double Aortic Arch and already has had three open heart surgeries. Noah also has a rare genetic syndrome, Kabuki, with developmental delays, generalized hypotonia and hypoglycemia episodes. As a result, Noah requires extensive medical treatments. He has monthly EKG s to monitor his heart as Noah will possibly need a heart transplant when he is older.  Given the condition of his heart, even a simple cold can require oxygen treatments and doctor visits. Noah also goes to extensive therapies:  physical, occupational, and speech to help with his development and muscle tone. With all his health issues, Noah is the happiest, the most loving and the most lovable little boy ever and is an eager kindergartener at Laurel Plains in New City.