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Molly McGovern

Molly McGovern from Blauvelt is a 2016 graduate of Tappan Zee High School and  is currently attending Rockland Community College, studying early childhood education. 

When Molly was 14 months old, she was diagnosed with a pineoblastoma, a type of malignant brain tumor. She had surgery to remove the tumor and then had chemotherapy with autologous stem cell rescue. She made a full recovery. 

Early in 2016, Molly began experiencing headaches. An MRI showed that she had a large mass pressing on her brainstem. Surgery performed on May 13, 2016 was able to remove 90% of the tumor, which was diagnosed as a benign meningioma. Molly recovered from surgery and was able to attend her senior prom and graduate on time with her class. The remaining tumor was treated with gamma knife radiation in July. The tumor, surgery, and radiation has left Molly with some paralysis in her face, hearing, etc… Molly will need to receive services to help her recover what she has lost and constant surveillance by her doctors to check for tumor regrowth.  This can be costly on top of the surgical and radiation costs she has already received. Molly continues to be an inspiration to her classmates and others in the community who have needed help.