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Gabriella Carney

Gabriella Carney is a delightful two and a half year old from Tappan who lives with a rare genetic liver disease called Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD). Those with GSD suffer from critically low blood sugar that can drop very quickly and without any warning. Without round the clock management, low blood sugar from GSD can lead to seizures, coma and life threatening issues. Life with GSD means never taking a break and never getting a day off, the risk of low blood sugar is ever present and something as simple as the common cold can become an emergency. Since her diagnosis in September 2015, Gabriella has battled with persistent low blood sugar, multiple hospitalizations and other medical related issues associated with the disease. In order to maintain metabolic control, her parents check Gabriella’s blood sugar and ketones (with a finger stick) no less than 8 times a day and often much more during illness and routine blood testing. She drinks large doses of cornstarch and protein powder every few hours, night and day, to provide her body with the backup source of energy to keep her blood sugar in the safe range. Gabriella goes for yearly liver sonograms and routine blood work every 3 months.  

Gabriella is the best little sister to her brother Matthew and brings joy every day to her loving family.