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About Me:
My name is Logan, aka Penguinman, and I have been designing for Zoo Tycoon 2 for a few years now. I began with the help of SilesianTomcat and have since done many different projects with many different groups.
I really enjoy tackling new ideas and making the game more interesting and fun. Here you can find an assortment of Zoo Tycoon 2 downloads that I have done either with other designers or on my own, as well as links to other designer web pages and forums so that you can continue to enjoy Zoo Tycoon 2.


September 21st: The American Alligator has been uploaded in the My Downloads section. The Dwarf Cassowary is also available under New Biomes.

September 9th: The Jackson's Mongoose and Afromontane Foliage have been added under New Biomes.

September 8th: The Wax Palm has been added to the Montane Forest biome under New Biomes.

September 7th: The first New Biome has been posted: Montane Forest

September 6th: The Jellyfish Pack has been expanded and the layout revamped.

July 9th: The eight biome packs from the original Zoo Admin Design Team have been uploaded.

July 1st: The Red River Hog pack has been added to My Downloads.

June 24th: Extinct Themed Elevated Path added to My Downloads. Skin by Iben!

June 20th: Nettie's page has been added, containing three small frogs. The binocular pack has also been added to My Downloads. Themed elevated paths have also been added.

February 2nd: The Yunnan-White Handed Gibbon has been uploaded under Mysty's page.

September 13th: The site is now open! Downloads have been uploaded galore, including an updated version of the SA Pack under Acapella!