How to be a Moderator

If you want to be a Club Penguin Moderator (aka CSR or “Community Service Representative”), you must be 18 years of age or older, and live in or near Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

As a safety precaution, each moderator has to be at least 18 because they are dealing directly with children and have to pass a criminal record check. Our moderators work together as a team in the Club Penguin office. This is a part of our safety measures – we need to know who is moderating to keep Club Penguin safe.


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Moderator Information: 

Club Penguin Moderators are the people who made, update, and keep Club Penguin safe for all of us! No one knows how many moderators their are, but here is a list of the most known:


Info: Billybob’s real name is Lane Merrifield. He is the CEO of Club Penguin, and one of the founders. Billybob is also, the executive vice president, and general manager of the Club Penguin division at the Disney Internet group. Billybob also posts on the Club Penguin Blog.


Info: Rsnail’s real name is Lance Priebe. He is one of the founders of Club Penguin and his penguin name means Rocketsnail, the name of the site Club Penguin used to be on! He works with the flash codes. He created the site.Did you know Rsnail left Club Penguin in October 2010!


Info: Screenhog’s real name is Chris Hendricks. He is not listed in the founders of Club Penguin. He is the graphics designer, and he writes the Penguin Times. His site is


Info: Nothing is known about Happy77. Some poeple don’t even think she exists.


Info: Gizmo’s real name is Dave Krysko. He is the Co-Founder of Club Penguin. He first opened New Horizon Productions, which later became New Horizon Interactive. New Horizon Interactive are the creators of Club Penguin. Gizmo also makes the parties!

Did you know, that Club Penguin Moderators have to use Ultimate Safe Chat Mode?

 How to Meet a Moderator:

Meeting a moderator is just like meeting Rockhopper, it’s very hard. First, see if a moderator is online. Go to the log in screen and type the username of a moderator, such as Billybob. Then, for the password type something longer than 5 letters, such as, Ilikepie. If the mod is on it will say “Incorrect Password” if not, it will say, “This Account has been Banned Forever.” If their on, best of luck trying to find them! They could be in any server, mostly, populated one’s. But remember, they could be in any of the flags.