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Jellyfish Pack:

The jellyfish pack has the following jellyfish still in the works:

  • Fried Egg Jellyfish - Sheltiefan
  • Mauve Stinger - Animalover44
  • Cannonball Jellyfish - Nique
  •  Australian Spotted Jellyfish - Ghost
  • Cross Jellyfish - Otter Lord
  • Sea Wasp - JohnZTMaster
  •  Trachymedusa - TurtleStork

If you have done a jellyfish, and it is not here, PLEASE contact me as soon as you can. In addition, if you are interested in doing a jellyfish that has not been released or posted here, please contact me and you most likely can :). Hope  you enjoy. 



As always, I am working with the Artifex team on the next expansion pack.