PengoFamily's Geocoin Seeking List

Here's a current list of geocoins that we are seeking. There are probably a lot more that we do not know about. We are always interested in personal geocoins that we do not already have.


We like a wide variety of coins! :) Anything animal, aviation or military related we seem to prefer. And of course anything with Penguins that we don't already own. We activate all our coins so you can always check out our profile for what we currently own.


We also like non trackable coins!! :)





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PengoMommy's & PengoDaddy's Seeking List:


Airborne Chapter MAGC 2007 geocoin (coins and pins)

All Amercian

All Amercian XLE


Arctic Nomad 2007

Belgium 2006

Best of British 2007


Cache Counter Coin 

Caching Time from Aetoys 

Castleman/Castlewife personal geocoin  

Chinese Fan, antique silver LE (from geoswag)

Crappy Cache Award

DarrylW4 & Firefly03 (glow in the dark)

Deft Blue Klomp porcelain geocoin -new one

Delaware Silver/Gold LE 2005


Earth Turtle 2007 antique copper, antique silver

Earth Turtle 2008 - green, red/black, multi & new blue ones

Enigma Geocoin (The Caching Place)

Euro chocolate event coin

Fam Bergum 2008 (the moose in the triangle coin) 

Four Musketeers  - any color / finish

Fox and the Hound 

Geocaching Zone set - Canada, copper 

Geocoin Club - First Finders Dance August 2005

Geocoin poker Challenge 2008

Geopoker run 2 

Geocoinfairy Antique Copper 

Geocoin regenbogen (rainbow) by Ernie's  

Goofy Cacher mystery coin 

GSA V2 Mystery coin 

Highland GeoFairy geocoin

Japanese Fan, gold (from geoswag) 

Jungle Garmin

Ice Cream Man

Mrs Ice Cream Man 

Indy Diver V1 -we would really, really, really like this one-gotta dream big :) 


Johnnie Lacy

Kangacacher - any finish (from Coins and Pins - sold out)

Key to the Cache 2008 

Kootenay Pirates

Love and Loyalty Black nickel  LE

moun10bike ver1

moun10bike ver2

Morpho Butterflies (from Atwell Family) 

Navy Seabee Geocoin (coins and pins)

New York 2007 LE Two Tone

Northern Hemisphere Planisphere 

Off The Trail Team Roulette geocoin 

The Pocket Decoder 

Queen of Caching (geocoinstore)

Rosetta Geocoin - LE Antique Copper

Run for the Roses 

Saffier Diving Helmet 

Scooby geocoin

South Pointing Chariot (any finish - from

Sunburst Family Geocoin (from geoswag) 

Swedish Geocoin 2007

Team Fisur

Texas 2007

The Shadow

The Wishing Coin mystery coin 

Tranquility (Dark, any of the two tones, Portugal, Purple Haze)

Turkey Day 2007 (gold or silver) 

Two Seasons of December (from Geocoinstore)

Ultimate Waypoint from TNT geocoins

UnitedGeoCachers Paperless Caching Geocoin

Veteran's Day Unknown Soldier LE (two-tone) and the XLE Antique Gold (geoswag)

PengoBeky's Seeking List:

2007 Vienna (any finish)

2bugs (original)

2bugs snowflake

Allegany State Park LE (the one with the Racoon)

Bandits (geoswag)

Blue Piggy Bank (geocoinstore)

Pink Piggy Bank (geocoinstore)

Cache Critters - Baa Gold LE (from geoswag) 

Cat Got Your Cache, Gold LE or new version 

Centris (any finish)

Chocolate Bunny Bitten Tail

Chocolate Bunny Bitten Ears Gold 

DHenninger -07 Copper

Dorkfish Seahorses (Red, Green and Blue)

Dragonfly - LE (one from AEToys w/ 4 colors on the wings)

Fluttershy Teal

Geocoin Bingo

Geomuse 2006

Gerbera Daisy Micros 


Lehigh Mafia

Loggerhead Christmas


Rainforest Jewel - any version

Road to Sacramento - Hippie Bus - reg version and micro 

Signal Christmas

Tiki Twins Micro geocoin (any finish) (

Tortoise and the Hare , Gold (geoswag)

Wisconsin Robin set from the caching place 

Geocoin - WWSD What Would Signal Do? AS (LE) 

 ****Anything else with animals, especially dogs and horses. Or anything with glitter.***