This page is maintained by Peng-Jung Wu


1) English manual is provided. Please see documentation section. Thank John 'Soap' MacTavish for creating it. (20180126)

2) NSG2 is open source now. NSG2 GitHub (20180126)

About :

Well, since I spent a lot of time to write TCL scripts for ns2, I decided to write a tool to create TCL scripts automatically. That is why I created NSG2. Now, I would like to share NSG2 with you. Hope you would like it.

NSG2 is now maintained by Peng-Jung Wu
My advisor : Prof. Chungnan Lee

Creative Inteligence Information System Lab,
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
National Sun Yat-sen University.

What is NSG2? :

NS2 Scenarios Generator 2(NSG2) is a JAVA based ns2 scenarios generator. Since NSG2 is written by JAVA language, you can run NSG on any platform. NSG2 is capable of generating both wired and wireless TCL scripts for ns2. Some major functions of NSG2 are listed below:

1. Creating wired and wireless nodes

2. Creating connection between nodes

3. Creating links (Duplex-Link and Simplex-Link)

4. Creating agents (TCP and UDP)

5. Creating applications (CBR and FTP)

6. Node movement

PS. A previous version of NSG that can only generate wireless scenarios can also be found here.

Is NSG2 free?

Yes, it is a free software. 


Download NSG2 :

NSG2 (2007/5/20)

NSG2.1 (2008/11/18)

If you still wanna download NSG1 (previous version of NSG), it can be found here.

Launch NSG2 :

To execute NSG2, you have to install JAVA6.0 first. You can download JAVA6.0 from http://java.sun.com/. The details of JAVA6.0 installation, please refer to Sun JAVA site.

NSG2 doesn't need to be installed in your computer. You just download it and launch it with following instruction under DOS command environment. In fact, on my computer system, Windows XP, I just double click the NSG2.jar, and NSG2 will automatically launch. If it doesn't launch, you can also launch NSG2 as following instructions.


PS. Let me apology that English version manual is not available now. I wish it could be published on-line as soon as possible in the future.

Bugs report:

I am so glad you are going to download and use NSG2. I hope you will enjoy the process. However, this is a trial version, which means it may still contain bugs :). If you encounter or find any bug, please send me an e-mail. I will try to fix it. Thank you.
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