The Penelope Project



Our project is divided into the following thematic areas of research, each of which covered by one team researcher. The suggested preliminary bibliography is offered only tentatively, since part of the project’s task will be to decide and select, among the many possible sources, a representative corpus of texts in each of the areas. (This section is not translated but displayed as presented in the original application form).


(Re)Configuracion de la historia literaria anglocanadiense: procesos de canonización y periodización (1970-2000)


Investigadora responsable: Dra. Coral Ann Howells (Universidad de Reading. Reino Unido)

Corpus inicial:

Atwood, Margaret. Survival: A Thematic Guide to Canadian Literature.1972.

Blodgett, E.D. A Five Part Invention: A History of  Literary History in Canada. Toronto: Toronto UP, 2005.

Keith, W. J. Canadian Literature in English. 1985.

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Discursos críticos y los contextos institucionales de la literatura canadiense


Investigadora responsable: Dra. Smaro Kamboreli (Universidad de Guelph. Canadá)

Corpus inicial: (En espera de ser seleccionado.)


(Re)Articulación del espacio y del paisaje después de Frye: metáforas fundacionales y acercamientos regionales


a)      Provincias atlánticas (cuestionamiento del paisaje que engulle)


Investigadora responsable: Dra. María Jesús Hernáez Lerena (Universidad de La Rioja)

Corpus inicial:

Govier, Katherine. Creation. 2002.

Glover, Douglas. Elle. 2003.

Harold Horwood .White Eskimo. 1972.

John Steffler. The Afterlife of George Cartwright. 1993.

Dillon Wallace, The Lure of the Labrador Wild: The Story of the Exploring Expedition Conducted by Leonidas Hubbard, Jr. 2004.

Michael Winter. The Big Why. 2004.

Nellie P. Strowbridge. Far From Home: Dr. Grenfell´s Little Orphan. 2004.


b)      La costa oeste (cuestionamiento de la ‘mentalidad garrison’)


Investigadora responsable: Dra. Eva Darias Beautell (Universidad de La Laguna)

Corpus inicial:

Hodgins, Jack. The Invention of the World. 1977.

Bowering, George. Burning Water. 1980.

Thomas, Audrey. Intertidal Life. 1982.

Robinson, Eden. Monkey Beach. 2000.

Marlatt, Daphne. Taken.  1996.

Coupland, Douglas.  Girlfriend in a Coma. 1998.

Taylor, Timothy. Stanley Park. 2000.

Anderson-Dagartz, Gail. The Cure for Death by Lightning.1996.


c)      Las provincias centrales (las praderas) (reescritura de la tradición a través del espacio de las praderas en Robert Kroetsch):


Investigador responsable: Mladen Kurajica (Universidad de La Laguna)

Corpus inicial:

Kroetsch, Robert. 1973. Gone Indian.

Kroetsch, Robert..1982 (1975) Badlands.

Kroetsch, Robert. 1978. What the Crow Said.

Kroetsch, Robert. 1980. The Crow Journals.

Kroetsch, Robert. 1984 (1983)Alibi: A Novel.  Kroetsch, Robert. 1993. The Puppeteer.

Kroetsch, Robert. 1993. Alberta.      

Kroetsch, Robert. 1995. A Likely Story: The Writing Life.

Kroetsch, Robert. 1998. The Man from the Creeks.


Hibridación e identidad nacional: la diáspora y las cultural históricas de Canadá (dos casos representativos)


a)      Literatura de la diáspora india


Investigadora responsable: Dra. María Jesús Llarena Ascanio (Universidad de La Laguna)

Corpus inicial:

Bissoondath, Neil. A Casual Brutality.  1989.

Mistry, Rohinton. Family Matters.  2002.

Ondaatje, Michael. Anil’s Ghost.  2000.

Selvadurai, Shyam. Funny Boy. 1995.

Vassanji, M.G. Amrika.  2000.


            b) Literatura afrocanadiense


Investigadora responsable: Dra. Ana Fraile Marcos (Universidad de Salamanca)

Corpus inicial:

Dionne Brand. At the Full and Change of the Moon. 1999.

André Alexis. Childhood. 1998.

Marlene Nourbese Philip. Looking for Livingstone: An Odyssey of Silence. 1991.

Olive Senior. Discerner of Hearts .1995.

Makeda Silvera, Her Head a Village.1994.

Mairuth Sarsfield. No Crystal Stair. 1997.

Cheryl Foggo. Pourin’ Down Rain. 1990.


Multiculturalismo, nacionalismo y la racialización de las escritoras


Investigadora responsable: Dra. Belén Martín Lucas (Universidad de Vigo)

Corpus inicial :

Goto, Hiromi. Chorus of Mushrooms. 1994.

Goto, Hiromi. The Kappa Child. 2001.

Lai, Larissa. When Fox Is a Thousand. 1996.

Lai, Larissa. Salt Fish Girl. 2002.

Lee, Sky. Disappearing Moon Cafe. 1990.

Mayr, Suzette. Moon Honey. 1995.

Mayr, Suzette. The Widows.1998.

Mayr, Suzette. Venous Hum. Vancouver. 2005.

Mootoo, Shani. Cereus Blooms at Night. 1998.

Mootoo, Shani. He Drowns She in the Sea. 2005.