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November 2018


Seniors…a reminder of what to do this fall

There’s A LOT going on right now with the financial aid and college admission processes, but don’t get overwhelmed! Here’s a recap of tasks you should complete this fall to stay on track to college.

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

· First, create an FSA ID for you and one for a parent at fsaid.ed.gov. You’ll need it to access and sign the FAFSA. Click here for instructions.

· Review our FAFSA Checklist for a list of items to gather before you start the form.

· Complete the FAFSA at fafsa.gov. You may also complete it via the new myStudentAid app for iOS and Android.

· For free help with the FAFSA, see FAFSA Tools at EducationQuest.org or call EducationQuest to make an appointment: Omaha – 888.357.6300, Lincoln – 800.303.3745, Kearney – 800.666.3721, or Scottsbluff – 800.303.3745, ext. 6654.

Apply to your top college choices

If you attend one of nearly 200 Nebraska high schools holding Apply2College events this fall, you’ll get help (or already have) with your applications. If not, here are steps you should take to apply.

Retake the ACT and/or SAT. Colleges use your best scores for college admission and scholarships.

Get serious about applying for scholarships. See ScholarshipQuest at EducationQuest.org for Nebraska-based scholarships and a list of national search sites.

Juniors…start researching colleges

If you narrow your college choices by the end of your junior year, your senior year will be less stressful. Here’s how to get started:

Review College Profiles at EducationQuest.org for information about colleges in Nebraska and across the country. If you’re interested in an out-of-state school, check out the Midwest Student Exchange Program to learn about tuition discounts.

Meet with college representatives who visit your school, and then visit the websites of the colleges that interest you to learn more about the schools.

Once you’ve narrowed your choices, schedule campus visits. Try to visit in the spring of your junior year while colleges are still in session.

For more tips, see the Selecting a College section at EducationQuest.org.

You app-solutely need this to stay on track to college!

EducationQuest’s new app will give you easy access to tools like Activities Resume, College Profiles, College Timeline, Reality Check, and ScholarshipQuest. There's also a calendar that will guide you through college-planning steps - and you can personalize it with your own tasks.

Download the app and encourage your friends to do the same!

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November “To Do” List

Seniors…complete these tasks in November to stay on the path to college:

____ Complete the FAFSA.

____ Apply to your top college choices.

____ Download the EducationQuest app.

____ Register by November 2 for the December 8 ACT.

Juniors…complete these tasks:

____ Research colleges that interest you.

____ Take a prep course for the ACT college entrance exam.

____ Download the EducationQuest app.

For free help with college planning, contact EducationQuest Foundation:

Omaha Lincoln Kearney Scottsbluff

402-391-4033 402-475-5222 308-234-6310 800-303-3745 ext. 6654

888-357-6300 800-303-3745 800-666-3721


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