Carre Hall


On way to Stage 1

As you go along the By-pass, look out for Carr Hall Lane on Left.

Old Carr Hall, demolished in 1954. Nice lawn!

(I can find not trace of the Hall now for some extra points)

One of the people displaced from Hapton by the Townleys (see Background) was James Device. He came to Pendle Forest as this area was still not enclosed.

James Device was later accused of being a Pendle witch. He had previously been accused by Mrs Townley, a member of a branch of the landed family living near Barrowford, of taking turf from Carre Hall. See left & More. It is hard to see any value in taking turf. Was the taking of the turf a gesture against his injustice?

According to the nine year old Jennet Device, who gave evidence against her brother at the trial, there was more to it than that. She accused 'the Examinate' - ie James Device (her brother) of witchcraft.

Jennet Device's evidence (p68-72) See summary of cases as to main issues featuring in the trial. And how 'property' features in five.

Throughout this tale, there is an issue of land. This was the period of enclosures, where lumps of public land were taken over by the wealthy. More on 'Inclosures' by Simon Fairlie

It was only a few years later (in 1649) that the most famous digger, Gerald Winstanley (from a wealthy Lancashire family) took over St George's Hill to protest about land ownership. More Dick Gaughan World Turned Upside Down sings "In 1649, to to Georges Hill a ragged band they called the diggers came to show the peoples' will..." Another bunch of 'Diggers' - the Grindletonians, came from the other side of Pendle Hill.