P.I. and Collaborators

Elise Pendall, P.I.

I study carbon, nutrient and water cycling in ecosystems undergoing global change and disturbance. I use stable isotopes as tracers of these fluxes  to better understand biogeochemical mechanisms driving them. I teach Vegetation Ecology, Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology, Biogeochemistry, and Wyoming in the Earth System.
Ming Nie, Post-doc 

I am interested in how global change will affect the plants and microorganisms that inhabit terrestrial ecosystems, and what the consequences are for soil carbon and nutrient cycling. I am researching in the PHACE project.


Claudia Boot, Post-doc


Jane Zelikova, Post-doc

I am an ecologist interested in the impacts of environmental change on natural and managed ecosystems. My interests focus on the responses of organisms big and small, from microbes and biological soil crusts to plants and cows and I am currently working on the PHACE project. In addition to conducting research, I am also interested in science education and communication.

Scott Peckham, Post-doc

Scott works on the bark beetle project as a modeler and engineering guru. 

Samantha Ewers, Data Manager

Graduate Students

Amanda Brennan 

Amanda is interested in how invasive species respond to climate change and alter nutrient and carbon cycling. Her main project is at PHACE. Her background is in plant ecology and chemistry. 

Bujidimaa Borkhuu  

I am studying biogeochemistry and trace gas fluxes in response to a bark beetle epidemic in lodgepole pine forests in Wyoming. My background is in atmospheric science and physics.

Colin Tucker, PhD Student

I study how metabolic activity of roots, fungi and bacteria in the soil during the winter contributes to ecosystem biogeochemical fluxes, particularly of carbon dioxide.  Using a combination of field and laboratory techniques and hierarchical Bayesian process modeling, I am trying to understand how limitations imposed by cold and reduced carbon input determine soil biological activity in winter dominated ecosystems.  I am coadvised by Drs. Elise Pendall (UW) and Kiona Ogle (Arizona State University).

Nick Brown, MS Student

Biogeochemistry and soil microbial ecology are fascinating to me.  I often wonder how microorganisms living belowground respond to aboveground changes in an ecosystem.  Specifically, I study how the nitrogen cycle in conifer forests is impacted by disturbance from bark beetles.  

Claire Hudson

Yana Sorokin

I am interested in plant water relations and soil-plant-atmosphere interactions in water-limited systems. My research is focused on the responses of  evapotranspiration to experimental warming and elevated CO2 in a semi-arid grassland. 

Student Workers

Shanker Tamang and Leo Perez

Swastika Raut

I am a Junior studying Molecular Biology. I just became affiliated with Pendall Lab last semester, and have been helping a lot with developing root trait analysis.

Shanker Tamang

Laura Morse

Leo Perez

Josh Lancaster

 Jennifer Bell 

 Jennifer is studying molecular biology and Spanish. She is lab assistant extraordinaire, just trying to save the world one sample at a time.  

Lana MacDonald  Lana worked for a couple of years in the Stable Isotope Facility before migrating to ecosystem ecology. She has been helping Colin with winter biogeochemistry field and lab work.

Mitchell Lukens 

I am a junior studying to be a paleontologist with a degree in Geology and a minor in Biology. I am assisting Claire with the Alaska Tree Ring Project. I also am interested in paleoecology.