The Pendall Lab   

The overarching goal in my research group is to understand how ecosystem processes respond to climate change and ecological disturbance.
 We aim to improve predictive understanding of mechanisms driving feedbacks between the terrestrial biosphere and the atmosphere by asking questions such as:
  • How does warming affect soil organic matter decomposition? 
  • How does elevated CO2 alter carbon cycling?
  • Do invasive plant species alter nutrient cycling and rhizosphere stoichiometry? 
  • How do ecological disturbances alter biogeochemical cycles?  
 Past changes in climate have affected ecosystem processes and vegetation distributions, and can provide insight into potential future climate-vegetation dynamics. Dendrochronology and paleoecology are tools that we combine with stable isotope analysis to evaluate past changes in precipitation seasonality and temperature at sites in North and South America. 
Check out more details about the PHACE project on the UW Botany Blog:

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