Pendal Bike



Simple, strong power-line, from pedals to the front


Simple, protected and strong power-train, direct in the crank hub - from the pedals to the wheel


Easy to modify

with simple building blocks

one-tube frame

one-step planetary transmission


Also traditional frames will do


in different styles

ready for heavy loads on the middle of the frame

or a ride in the deep forest

with several alternating riding positions

offered by the front

an open power position

at the Pendal

comfortable to ride in aerodynamic postures.

- Or at the "old", traditional bike:

Crouched, knees near the chest. Exhausting, as the spine, upper leg muscles, digestion and breathing are in locked or bowed positions.


25.Oct 2007  Jens Mindegaard 


And new pictures 15.Nov 2007:

Above a relaxed, power posture used for every day biking and among race riders on the traditional bicycle. But it is little aerodynamic.

Below the same posture - just tilted forward on the Pendal. An relaxed, power posture - and at the same time aerodynamic.


Below an aerodynamic posture on the traditional bicycle. It is not relaxed and only powerfull for some atletes.