Pencils! Scrapbook

Get the point. 


Sometimes writing isn't just about the written's about exploring new places, meeting new people, taking a few risks, blowing off a little steam, and celebrating a little too much! Here's a collection of our favorite photos from past events. 


Because sometimes, the printed page just can't say what a picture can.




Pencils & Pizza Holiday 2003!  


Field Trip 2004: Poe Cottage! 


CAPA-U 2004! 


1st Anniversary Tiki Bar Pool Party 2004! 


National Novel Writing Month 2004! 


2nd Annual Holiday Dinner 2004!


Pencils! Book Club 2005!

A Confederacy of Dunces 



Fahrenheit 451


The Secret Goldfish


Field Trip 2005: Mark Twain House! 


CAPA-U 2005! 


2nd Anniversary Fiesta 2005! 


National Novel Writing Month 2005! 


3rd Annual Holiday Bar & Grill 2005!  


The What the Hell, Let's Have Indian Dinner 2005! 


2nd Annual March Against Rejection 2006! 


3rd Anniversary Beach Ball 2006!


4th Annual Holiday Happy Hour 2006! 


3rd Annual REJECT-A-RAMA 2007! 


 4th Anniversary Pirates of Five Mile River Annivesary Party 2007!


Field Trip 2007: Washington Irving's Sunnyside in Sleepy Hollow


5th Annual Christmas Cocktail 2007!


4th Annual "Oh Sweet Rejection!" Slip Burning! 

(includes Kaye's Special Surprise!) 


5th Anniversary Soiree in Wonderland! 


6th Annual Christmas Fest! 


John Palisano Reading & Book Signing 


On Tap so far for 2009...


5th Annual Rejection Slip Pyre & Potluck!