Pencils! 5th Anniversary Soiree in Wonderland!

Get the point. 


 The whole Pencils! gang celebrated our 5th anniversary with a trip through Wonderland on July 26, 2008. We all got in costume, and it was a hot day to be in the rabbit hole! From left, back row: Charles, Joyce, Nathan, Tom, Maryanne, Carol, Rob, Jen, and Jen. Behind Jen & Jen are Jim and Andrea. Center is Dave, who came as the Walrus from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Jerry is the guy in the green shirt, all the way at the right, standing next to Al, the wizard. Front row left to right are Shirley, Maureen, friends of Maryanne's Barbara and David, and Claudia.

Kaye is the White Rabbit down front. Here's to another great five years -- let's go for a decade, guys!!

Here's our lovely Mad Tea Party table...just like in the book, it was take whatever glass or plate you wish! The replica of the Mad Hatter was drawn by Jim & Andrea...Lois and Clark. Maryanne, our hostess Geisha, carefully chose each plate and glass. And the favors--Eat Me, Drink Me, Smoke Me...were done by Kaye.

Al...who came as a Wizard from his own book! (Photo: Claudia)



It's our hostess Geisha...Maryanne.




Drink Me -- there's a miniature bottle of wine inside.




Charles as an Admit One Literary Theme Park Guide.




 Cleo Joyce, please refill Jack Sparrow's wine glass.  (Photo and caption: Claudia)


Yvonne as Dorothy is probably enjoying not being in Kansas anymore.  (Photo: Claudia)



Nathan as Dr. Moreau. (Actually, this is how he usually dresses).

Maryanne made these, as well as the garden in the background, from paper.

Geisha wonders why Clark and Superman are never seen together.  (Photo and caption: Claudia)

Al without the beard (see note under next photo). (Photo: Claudia)


Maryanne & Al. Al said later the beard was impossible to eat with. Right? (Photo: Claudia)




Joyce came as Cleopatra and even brought fruit!




Kevin and themselves! (Photo: Claudia)




Kaye as the White Rabbit. Fitting. She's always running late. And notice her ears are on backwards. (Photo: Claudia)




 Lois & Clark, who recreated the drawings--life-sized--from the original text of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.



Jerry came as the guy from Memento -- yes, that's a real Polaroid. Yes, he bought film (you can still get it), and yes, he had a marker which he used to write everyone's name. Fun!




Playing Cards Jen & Rob.





From Al's record collection. We played lots of hits from the 1970s.




Shirley came as Captain Jack Sparrow from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean. Right down to the facial hair!





 What's in here? Five cigarettes and matches that say "Light Me."


It's the Mad Tea Party!




It's Tinkerbell in the Flowers Claudia!




Tom looks great as a race car driver!




We're not in Kansas anymore! Yvonne as Dorothy...and yes, there's Toto. 





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