In Loving Memory

Keith W. Harjes

1963 -- 2007 




Keith, wife Lori, and son Reilly at the Pencils! 4th annual Holiday Happy Hour, December, 2006. 



Keith W. Harjes, who had joined Pencils! in August but felt as though he’d been a Pencils! member since our beginnings in 2003, passed away suddenly at his home on January 23, 2007.


Keith was a bright, young, burgeoning writer who truly could have blossomed into an extremely successful mystery and crime fiction writer. He took his writing very seriously and was not only open to improvements in his own work, but contributed generously to others; his feedback was well-honed and earnest.


Keith and his wife, Lori, had just adopted their son, Reilly, whose name means "courageous." If you attended the Christmas gathering, you had the chance to meet both Lori and Reilly. Lori was very supportive of his writing, and Reilly was his inspiration.


He will be missed in the literary community as well. Mouth Full of Bullets editor BJ Bourg will publish Keith's first story, "Man Overboard," in the March Issue, and another short piece, "Killer Instinct," in the June Issue. Mr. Bourg has also very graciously offered to put up a tribute page. If you've never visited Mouth Full of Bullets, it's a great read. You can find them at


At the time of his death, Keith was working on a short story, “Knight Owl,” which featured a very interesting new detective to add to his line-up. We hope in the near future we will gain permission to post an excerpt from it on this page, since it was finished but he was in the process of workshopping it.


Through Pencils! Press, we're hoping that we can get another collection of our work together to publish, and Keith and his work will be included in the endeavor. Right now, we are targeting the publishing date for sometime in 2008. 


One of Keith’s passions was to continue to write, grow, and submit. We at Pencils! will continue to carry on his dream and will not let him down.


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