6th Annual Christmas Fest!

Get the point.

Many thanks to Carol McManus, who hosted our 6th Annual Christmas Party! Great food, great fun, and great music...er, and some great Karaoke too! 



 Carol's house was festive and ready!


 Our hostess and long-time Pencils! member Jen Connic.




 Al and Maryanne...angelic tonight?



Jerry entertains us with excellent renditions of the Randy Newman songs "Great Nations of Europe" and "Short People."


 Yvonne opens gifts in the annual Xmas gift swap -- this year, we did it auction-style!


Kaye gets crazy.



 They were just dancing a few minutes ago!




 How about a spot of pool? Judith and Jerry look on!



It's cocktail hour! Judith, Carol, and Jen.



 Al is one happy camper!




 Now, Jen's the tree topper!

 Kaye and Dave hang out by the bar.



 Tom enjoys watching the karaoke...or are his ears bleeding?




 They're doing it...their way!



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