5th Annual Christmas Cocktail!

Get the point. 

2007 went out with a bang for Pencils! We gathered at Al & Maryanne's festive abode to say sayonara (sp?)  to an old year and bid welcome to a new one. There was great food, dancing, and, of course, lots of wine and beer consumption and smoking because that's what writers are supposed to do, right? As usual, there were gifts galore, awards...and this time around, a special Pencils! movie reviewing the last magical five years of our existence.


Here's posted all the pix Kaye's got...there were several people she didn't get photos of...but you know who you are!




The Three Caballeros! From left, Vance, Leon, & Eric. 



Our host and hostess, Al & Maryanne--who just got married in August--share an intimate moment. 


 Arun & Vance sample the fab food. MMM! Who wants Thai Peanut Skewers, Bourbon Chicken, and Seafood Ravioli? And hey, that's Nick in the background!


 Okay, I'm sorry, but this picture reminds me of Satan. Way to go, Jerry! You win the prize for creative beer bottle opening!


Leon & Kaye doing their usual drunken dancing. Happens at every party toward the end of the night. Don't miss it next time around! 



 Great picture of Jen!


 Our hostess, Maryanne!


Leon & John P reminisce about Jamaica. The island, that is, not the place in New York. 


 Cally's back from Greece! She relates her experiences to Jen.


Charles, Kaye's housemate, and Nathan, Kaye's fiance, sharing some wine and a smoke in the basement. 


Claudia eats a chip!! 


 Jim & Andrea have a dance!



Judith & Jerry share a beer! 


Below, Tom. Great to see you! 



From left: Dave, Shirley, Kaye, Eric, Vance, Al, and Ann. 




Pencils! Scrapbook 


Pencils! Writing Workshop