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Earthquake preparedness

Downtown Santa Rosa after 1906 Earthquake
  • Know your designated COPE neighborhood meeting site and the location of your local Fire District Station.

  • Know critical needs of yourself, your family, and your neighbors.

  • Be aware of any unique hazards near your home such as power lines, trees, or hills.

  • Know the best escape route from each room, your home, and the neighborhood. Also have an alternate route from each.

  • Know where the gas, electric, and water shutoffs are located and how to use them. Attach gas shutoff wrench to gas meter.

  • Keep shoes, flashlight, and critical information (medical information, photo ID, keys, and contact telephone numbers, including an out-of-state contact for family members to contact and relay messages) under bed in plastic bag.

  • Develop a plan and keep an emergency preparedness kit at home, in your car, and at your school or workplace.