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New Morning After School Program

Do you need after school child care on a regular basis or just once in a while? 

   New Morning Afterschool Program

23 Back River Rd.

Bedford, NH 03110

669-3591, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

More information and forms can be found at:

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New Morning offers safe, enjoyable afternoon activities for your child whenever school is open. The After School Program begins at school dismissal and runs until 6:00 pm. The students who attend the program walk from their classrooms and report to our After School meeting place in the gym/cafeteria at the Village School.

Upon arriving your child will “check in” on an individual attendance form. As soon as all the children are accounted for, we make a bee line for the playground to run off some of that energy! We come back inside to enjoy a snack and then begin afternoon activities. Each day we offer craft activities, board games such as Sorry, Chutes and Ladders, etc., and quiet individual activities such as Legos, blocks, beading, books and magazines and an occasional video for a rainy day treat. We also structure a “ homework/reading time” into our daily schedule for those who have an assignment. Of course, the large gym area is available for indoor fun and games.

Other components of the program include community service projects and coordination with various school based enrichment activities. The program follows the school calendar exactly. If school is open, we’ll be there for your child until the 6:00 pm pick-up time. We also cover the Early Release days.

Whenever your child attends our program, he or she will sign in on a 5 session ticket that you have purchased. (We keep the ticket at school). You may use us according to your schedule; full time, a few days a week, or occasionally.

Remember, no matter what your expected schedule, you will be charged only for the days that your child actually attends our program, and not for days missed for any reason. If your child is sick or gets invited over a friend’s house, for example, and you do not use our service that day, your child’s ticket will not be marked and you will not be charged for that day.

New Morning is licensed and authorized to accept work vouchers and child care payments from the State of NH. The tickets are numbered and also indicate how many you have purchased, so you can always know where you stand. You may hand a check or cash to the on-site director or mail your payment to our office in Bedford.

After School Program fees:

$60.00 for 5 days ($50.00 for 5 days when using Autopay)

  Additional $5.00 for Early Release days 

If you would like to register your child for the After School Program, please complete the registration form and mail it to our office. Pay particular attention to the work numbers, emergency numbers, and alternate pick-up people. Include a cell phone or beeper number, if appropriate. Those are the numbers we will use to locate you if your child does not arrive on a day we expect him or her at the After School Program.

Please return the registration form with payment for your child’s first ticket. Checks should be made out to New Morning. There is no registration fee. If you qualify for state assistance or use a work voucher to pay for child care, please call our office to make those arrangements. There is a co-pay for families on state assistance.

Each time that you pick-up your child at the program you are required to sign your child out on the “sign out sheet”. If your child’s name is highlighted on the sign out sheet that means that your child has completed another ‘5 day ticket’. That ticket is available for you to pick up at the program and payment is due. You can pay right at the program or mail your check to our office in Bedford. Payment is due within five school days.

The state requires us to have a health form on file for your child listing all immunizations. We do not have access to the school nurse’s records. Please forward a health form to us before your child’s first day at the program. The form must be updated every two years.

Once your child is registered, a phone call to our office will activate his or her registration. Your phone call will let us know the first day that we will expect your child at the program. You can leave a scheduling message at any time, day or night! Please notify us if your child is scheduled to attend and cannot.

In addition to the call, a note to your child’s teacher will insure that all the adults responsible for your child’s safety know what he or she should be doing after school.

Please send a snack and a drink for your child to eat at the After School Program every day. They are usually starved and we do not have kitchen privileges! It is a good idea to pack the after school snack in a bag separate from your child’s lunch. We all go outside to play everyday, weather permitting. Please dress your child accordingly.

If you have any questions, call our office at 669-3591, 8:30 am to 5: pm, Monday through Friday. After hours and weekends you can leave a message on the machine. We have a lot of fun at the After School Program and look forward to having your child join us!

Please mail all correspondence to:
New Morning 23 Back River Rd. Bedford, NH 03110