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Unified Arts

Art - Kayla Granoff - Website

All students attend art class once a week for 45 minutes. The curriculum is designed to align with the New Hampshire Department of Education Curriculum Framework for the Arts. A variety of mediums and techniques are introduced at the lower levels and reinforced throughout the grades. Students are exposed to the work of famous artists through the use of children’s literature and art prints. The program’s goal is to give students basic skills, knowledge of art principles and respect for materials while providing them with age appropriate experiences that they can meet with some level of success.

Each Spring a school wide art show for grades 1-4 is held in conjunction with a special Traveling Art Show which consists of 10 pieces of work from Village/Hill as well as from 9 other schools. Our school is represented at a regional Youth Art Month exhibit during the month of March. We also display work at the SAU office for a few weeks during the school year and participate with all other Pembroke schools in a district wide art show held at the Pembroke Town Library in the late Spring.

Gym - Craig Stam- Physical Education website

The physical education program provides a fun, energized, and exciting environment for kids to explore the world of movement, exercise and sport.   Activities are designed to challenge and involve all students regardless of ability.  Classes strive to improve fitness, motor function and self-image as well as teach an appreciation of physical activity for a lifetime of health.  There is a generous amount of equipment to provide experiences in team sports, individual sports, circus skills, Stamnastics, and fitness. 

One of the programs we use to help kids stay in shape is the GIT FIT Walking Program:

Git Fit is a walking program for elementary students in grades 2-4.  It is open to all students with parental permission.  The kids walk a 1/5 mile course around the outside of the Hill School soccer field during morning and lunch recess.  Walkers are logged and given small awards for reaching different milestones.  The program is designed to give kids a fun and healthy alternative to traditional recess activities.  Walking has been found to reduce many of the risk factors associated with heart disease, help control body weight and increase mental well-being.  The program is a great way to get your kids active.

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