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Blizzard Bag Update:
Blizzard Bags are effective January 3, 2017.  There is a link below for each day of the Blizzard Bags. There will be assignments in reading, math, social studies or science and one of the unified arts.   Remember, Blizzard Bag Days are meant to act as a full day of school.  Teachers will check to account that all students have completed the assignments in all subject areas.  If a student does not complete the required assignments, they will be marked absent for the day.  

Please make sure you click the submit button on the bottom of the form for each subject area for the assignment to count.   

The recorded message you get telling that is a snow day will indicate if it is a blizzard bag day.  You can also find that information on the Pembroke Hill Facebook Page.  

Concert Update:

The Holiday Concert will be on December 13th, in the Pembroke Academy gym. The concert will start at 5:30. This concert will be for every student in K-4th grades. We encourage you all to stay the entire time, but we understand if you can’t!

Please bring your Kindergarten and 1st grade children at 5:20. When you arrive, they should go to the section of bleachers behind the risers and find their teacher. Each class will be called down for their class performance, and you can come gather them when they are done with their full-school performance!

Please bring your 2nd and 3rd grade children at 6:20. When you arrive, they should stay with you until their portion of the concert. We will call them down when it is their turn, and send them back to you when their turn is over. Please be considerate of all the hard work the students have done and do not enter the gymnasium until the K-1 concert has ended.

Please bring your 4th grade students at 6:10. They need a few extra minutes to get their instruments set up, and we would like a few extra minutes to make sure they’re all working properly! When they arrive, they can go ahead and find their chair. I will send them back to you when they are done performing. Please be considerate of all the hard work the students have done and do not enter the gymnasium until the K-1 concert has ended.

The concert will begin with the K-1 students, followed by a short break in order to let parents out who only have children in Kindergarten or 1st grade (though you are welcome to stay!). The 4th grade band will start the Hill concert, followed by the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade choruses. Please be considerate as you arrive and depart.

It’s always wonderful to see the children dressed up, but it is not necessary to run out and buy a new outfit. It would be nice if all the students looked their best.You do not need to buy them new clothes.

Thank you for your help! Please reach out with any questions!  lwalton@sau53.org

Pat’s  Peak-- Pembroke Village/Hill-- Learn to Ski & Ride Program
***This program is for students in  Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade***
***Parents must transport and chaperone their children***

 The ski program at Pat’s peak will be held the following Tuesdays:

Jan. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

Lessons are 3:30-4:30pm but your child may stay and ski/ride until Pat’s Peak  closes. This includes use of rentals.
The cost varies depending on the package you choose. Please check off the appropriate selections on the application.
It is easy to sign up at http://www.patspeak.com (winter site)

Go to: Lessons and Rentals
Click on: Learn to Ski and Ride
Click on: Learn to Ski and Ride Register On line Here
Username: Pembroke Village Password: Ski4fun
Group name: Pembroke Village

Session One - Day: Tuesday  Lesson Time: 3:30
A medical release form must be filled out so that it will be available in case of sickness or accident. (May also be filled out on line)
Incomplete applications will not be accepted by Pat’s Peak. It is important to double check your forms!
All students who have participated in the “Learn To Ski Program” are entitled to one bonus free day of skiing after the program is completed. This is usually during or after Feb. vacation.
Any questions,  please contact Gloria Martin at 545-1718 or martinglo@comcast.net

Ski Club:
3rd and 4th Graders
PATS PEAK “Learn to Ski and Ride” Program                
Jan 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st 2017
Price Increase/Late Fees Applied after November 15th              
www.patspeak.com / Learn to Ski & Ride “register online here”
username: phsp2017   password: winterfun

Please contact Lynda Putnam with any questions
603-210-1244 Home
603-203-0922 Mobile

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