Blizzard Bag Day 3

2nd Grade

Read and listen to a story on Raz- Kids.  Take a quiz for the story you read.   Remember to click the Green Kids Login Button to login.  

Click on the link to work on the IXL website for 20 minutes.   You may work on any second grade skill.  

Watch this video about Force on Brain Pop. 

Username: phs1

Password: bpop

Questions to answer about the video. -- Take the Online quiz. Remember your score so you can record it!

Report your score on the brainpop quiz.

Unified Arts-

3rd Grade
Reading :  Listen to the read aloud for Knots on a Counting Rope.

Click here to submit your reading response.


Log into Xtra math and complete one round of fact practice with Mr. C. 
Then log on to IXL math for 20 minutes.  You may practice any third grade skill.  

Social Studies:

Watch Video about Iroquois

Log-In Username: phs1 Password: bpop

Answer these questions about the Iroquois. Take the online quiz- Remember your score Record your score here.

Unified Arts-


 4th Grade

Reading: Listen to this Read aloud of I Need My Monster
Or read from your own independent book for 20 minutes.
Complete your Reading Response

Link to the Math Assignment

Science or Social Studies.   Click the link to choose to do either a Science assignment or a social studies assignment. 

Unified Arts: