Welcome Page

Welcome to the Pembina Valley Linux User Group Website!

The purpose of this group is to:
  • Promote the use of Linux and free open source software as an alternative computer operating system
  • Assist those wishing to install Linux onto their home computers
  • Provide education and mentoring in the use of Linux and linux-based software
  • Mutually enjoy and support our collective Linux experiences
Linux is extremely flexible:
  • It can be run on many different types of computers, from the newest and fastest to oldest and slowest
  • It is user-friendly enough to be used by people of all ages, from younger to older
  • It can share space on your current computer, or be used to replace your existing operating system
  • There are flavors and sizes to suit anyone, from lightweight and small to fancy and large
The group membership is totally free, and open to anyone in the Pembina Valley that is interested! 
To express your interest in joining or assisting with this group, please send an email to:

To view/join the discussion group, please visit:


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