Category 4: The Timed Writing

An essay or essay examination written in class under supervised and timed conditions (fully developing the author's position and demonstrating knowledge of the subject).

Category Four is the only paper that should not be modified for submission. Your grade and any instructor comments must be erased, but no other edits are allowed. If your handwriting is unclear, you may type your essay and submit it with the original. 

Essays completed electronically or in the office require a staff signature.

Your submission should respond to a single prompt for multiple pages in order to fit the category requirement of a fully developed essay. Essays completed in class or in a blue book do not require a signature.

If you do not have a timed writing that fits the expectations of the category or that you feel confident submitting, you can schedule an appointment with Margret Skaftadottir or go to the Writing Center at Eckerd College to write on any of the following prompts:
  1. What is a concept from your major that you think everyone should understand (including people outside of or uninterested in your major)? In your essay: (1) explain the concept and (2) explain its relevance (why should everyone understand this concept)?
  2. If you were to write an autobiography, what would the title be and how would that title be a reflection of you?
  3. Imagine that you can return to three events/periods in your life and give your former self advice. Explain those periods/events, the advice you’d give yourself, and why you’d give that advice.
  4. If you could craft any event on campus -- with unlimited resources -- what would you do?  What would be the desired outcome(s)? What would you want people to learn?
  5. What would you do with a 300-gallon jar of mustard?
To schedule an appointment, contact Margret Skaftadottir ( or 727-864-8363). You will be given 75 minutes to write an essay on an office computer or in a blue book. You may use a dictionary, thesaurus, and handbook. Source material is not required, but if included, it must be formatted in accordance with a recognized style.