PEL Writing Competency

DUE Friday, October 2nd by 3pm to Margret Skaftadottir

Competency in writing is a requirement for all Eckerd College graduates. To meet this requirement, students must submit an exhibit of their own compositions to be evaluated by members of the general faculty and the Writing Excellence Program. The exhibit allows students to demonstrate the intellectual skills associated with each category by showcasing their strongest academic work, which also results in polished products that can be used as writing samples for future applications to graduate or professional programs or for professional portfolios and industry applications.The closure of the program will not impact the schedule or the writing exhibit requirement. 

Four complete compositions are required to satisfy specific writing categories. Each category represents a different intellectual and rhetorical task. An annotation will introduce the submission for each category, and a global annotation will introduce the exhibit as a whole. Submissions will be evaluated by multiple Eckerd College faculty members, and results will arrive approximately 4-6 weeks after the submission deadline. Submissions that are judged inadequate can be resubmitted after the student completes a composition course. 

All submissions, except the timed essay, can (and should) be revised. Students are encouraged to submit writing from any Eckerd course or original work created for the exhibit. Work submitted from courses must not show any evaluative comments. All pieces (except perhaps the in-class essay) will be typed or printed on standard paper. The length of the entire portfolio must be greater than twelve double-spaced pages.

Resources are available to support students as they navigate the process of cultivating their writing exhibit submission, but these resources and services are not intended to teach writing or to substitute for a composition course or in-class instruction.  Please note that papers will not be selected for you or copy edited or corrected. 

Once you have reviewed this site closely, start to gather papers that you think will be a fit for each of the four categories. 

Once you are confident that a paper is a strong fit for a category, review the paper for general concerns such as formatting and mechanics. See the checklist for more information. 

I am happy to answer questions about exhibit preparation or to review exhibits in final format before submission.

If you would like to create a timed writing, contact me directly to set an appointment for a timed writing. Select a prompt from the list and be prepared to write at least two pages in response to the prompt.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

Margret Skaftadottir

Associate Dean of Faculty, PEL