Background to the website

    When I first launched this website in 2012, I only knew a few other physical therapists in my home town of Phoenix, that did this work. Thankfully, there are now over 20 listed on this site in the greater Phoenix Valley and beyond and more starting this important work, all the time. FInally, we are starting to see more focus on pelvic PT, in PT education, this is making a difference, as therapists are starting out in their careers wanting to do this, rather than as I did, stumbling upon it many years later. 

    I started this website with the goal of getting people to see a physical therapist for pelvic problems, within a similar time frame that they would get to see a physical therapist for a neck, shoulder or back problem, which is typically within a few weeks.  When I started specializing in pelvic physical therapy I was  dismayed by how long it took people to get to see us; typically it was years, rather than weeks or even months. I believe this is now starting to change. Please tell your doctor, your friends and your family about this important work.

    I graduated in 1988 from the Royal London Hospital in the UK, and have been a PT in the US and the UK, on and off, since then. Although I have taken some time off right now to heal my own hip and pelvic pain, I do hope to return to this valuable field in the future.