Roadbike Tour to the Peloponnes

Welcome  to our Radltour!

 April 12th 2012 until April 26th 2012 

Heide, gardener, age 49
Raimund 73, retired (in double function: the boss & as Oxi Quassel)
Iris, age 67, retired
Road bike Tour to the cradle of the Western culture

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

Bike Tour Peloponnese Tour 2012 (about 552 kilometers)


My former managing director, who is an awesome bicyclist today has planned this tour carefully.

Our all aim: to ride to the cradle of the world culture.

Furthermore, we had a good ghost with us: Oxi Quassel, who explained all the details of the archeological sites and museums…

We have visited the archaeological sites & Museums of Athens, Delphi, Olympus, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Corinth & Aigina...; in the very last moment we hit the Greek National Museum at Athens... 

We spent a day of at the beautiful Island Hydra (no cars...!)

Creek today is somehow renewed. All hotels, even the smallest ones, are equipped with air-condition, Flat screen TV, etc. In the bathroom always soup and shower gel.

If there is lift, stainless steel and glass…

You need to ride far to see ‘Old Creek’.

Our tour ended at the Island Hydra, which impressed us. No cars, no bicycles….

But we found the house of Leonard Cohen in the back of the main town…

To ride a bicycle at Athens is nearly impossible (car traffic!). We took the train, starting at Athens Larissa station, heading for Livadia.

To take a bicycle to train or bus you need to find agreement with the transportation personal. They are helpful.

Creek people in general friendly and helpful!

They have not developed the bicycle tourism; nevertheless, I believe the will do soon…

Only once I heard: ‘ride to the utmost right, bloody bastards’… . This was an exception from a local scooter rider…

All Creek people speak English as a second language. Same with traffic signs. Easy for foreigners.

If you speak to some, who does not understand English, you speak to a sheep...

By the way:

If you like dogs & cats...

Greek is the country with free running dogs and cats...

You may see plenty of them.

Nevertheless, there are people taking care for feed...

Promise: we will come again!

Enjoy the details and photos of our report.

Good luck to all our followers!


12. 04. 2012


After Arrival at the airport take bus X95

This bus arrives at the center of Athens, near the Syntagma Square, travel day, check-in

night at:

Hermes Hotel

Athens Center Square


Tel. ++30 210 32 22 706

Our arrival...


Impressive, a toilet for all three sexes:


guys checking the way with their GPS... (hopefully the find them...)


13. 04. 2012


2. day:

sightseeing at Athens (Acropolis, what else?!)


same as the day before


14. 04. 2012


3. day:

we start the tour.

With the train from Athens Larissa station to Livadia


Riding close to the Parnassos mountains, passing Arachova.

In rain…



night at Delphi

Feriades Hotel

46, V.Pavlou & Friderikis str, GR - 33054 Delphi | Greece

Tel: +30 22650 82370

distance round: 60 cold & wet kilometers


15. 04. 2012


4. day:

a day at the ruins of Delphi

night at Delphi

Feriades Hotel

same as the day before

distance:  0 kilometers


16. 04. 2012


5. day

Follow Hwy 48 to the coast and head for Patra via Nafpaktos

Note: the ferry Egio / Aegion is closed!

But the new Patra bridge is impressive!

night at:


St Andreou 32

262 21 - Patras

Tel.: (+3) 2610 - 279 809


distance: 122 kilometers


17. 04. 2012


6. day

by local bus to Pyros

by bicycle to Archaia Olympia

night at Olympia

Hotel Ilea (right in the middle of the town).

distance: 50 kilometers


18. 04.. 2012


7. day

Due to the wet ride we had days before, Iris went sick and we have taken the bus to Tripoli…

Good decision, because we spared 5.500 height meters in total. Very winding roads.

night at:

Alex hotel Tripoli

Alex Hotel

Βασ. Γεωργίου Α΄26, Τρίπολη 22100, Greek

Tel.: +30 271 022 3465

distance: 0 kilometers

19. 04. 2012


8. day

again with the bus from Tripoli to the city of Argos

night at Argos

Palladion Boutique Hotel
Sofias 5, 21200, Argos,

TEL.: (+30) 27510 23266/22968

Some rides to the harbor Nea Kea


Late afternoon, we visited the archeological site of Mycenae

distance: 50  kilometers


20. 04. 2012


9. day

ride to Epidaurus.

Visiting the archeological site with the very impressive theater.

And further to Oraias Elinis (nearby Corinth)

Night at


Tel: 27410-33551 27410-33401 27410-33249
Web Site:

distance: 110 kilometers


21. 04. 2012


10. day

heading to Loutraki (nearby Corinth)

Passing the channel of Corinth at the ‘bridge which is lowered under the sea level, when ships passing by…

Very nice to see!

One creek explained: ‘das haben die Deitschen gebaut’!


Ilion Hotel
El.Venizelou 50, Loutraki, 20 300

Peloponesse Greece

Tel: ( + 30 ) 27440 67928

Wonderful beach walk

distance: 90 kilometers


22. 04. 2012


11. day

ride from Loutraki to Piraeus via the Island of Salamina

Islands via ferry boat, passing Perama

With a ferry from Piraeus to Aigina

Wonderful ride on side roads

An unknown hotel next to the harbor and the church…

distance: 70 kilometers


the morning bells from Aigina:

YouTube Video

23. 04. 2012


12. day

Morning ride to the archeological site of Aigina (quite hilly)

With a ferry boat to the Island of Poros and further to Hydra


An unknown hotel near to the harbor

distance: 50 kilometers

Hydra is an Island with no cars (consequently no real roads in order to go bicycling).

Mules transport all goods.


who's motorcycle is this?

24. 04. 2012


13. day


same as the day before

distance: 0 kilometers


25. 04. 2012


14 day

by ferry boat back to Piraeus (Athens)

walk the Plaka flee market area…

& have visited the Creek National Museum in the last minute...:


26. 04. 2012


15 day

Our day of leave

take bus X95

This bus departs near Syntagma Square  and arrives at Athens Int’l airport

depart at Athens

distance: 0 kilometers


a Creek saying:

(be patient...)

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