Evolution of the Art of Patricia Fatta--with just a taste

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by.

I've been a photographer and artist for almost 40 years, beginning with photography in the '70s when I was an active competitor in 4 camera clubs and the Photographic Society of America. Yes, I won numerous prizes and had my ego stroked a lot, and I loved mucking about in the darkroom. My specialty was image manipulation and high contrast work--my constant goal was to change the original image into something different or better.  




In the '90s I migrated my work to the computer and a whole new dimension emerged. I discovered fractals, began dabbling, and my quest for creating original images was exponentially enhanced with the addition of these abstract programs.






Recently I've started working with 3d modeling programs like Bryce and Daz Studio which takes me back to the realm of reality-based imagery but also includes the ability to work with abstractions.






I am currently a juried member of the Illinois Artisans Association (selected on the quality of my work) and I contribute to several microstock sites. To view more of my work see: luckyoliver.

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact me at