Software Architect / Web Development Specialist

Milan, Italy

About Me

I really believe in artistic side of modular code. I am passionate about everything concerns designing system architectures.
Even if I am a full stack developer, my heart goes boom for front-end programming
Fast learner, I am excited about new technologies/programming languages/frameworks/methodologies.

I studied at Università di Salerno, where I received a full formation in Computer Science and a Master Degree on March 2014. 
Since Bachelor’s studies, I have shown great interest in Web and Software Engineering, Algorithms, and Computation Theory.
My research interests are not only in those fields, but also in Parallel and Concurrent Programming, Cryptography and Information Security.

My studies have always been driven by their practical significance and their practical applications. I find these topics exciting to work on, not only for their practical importance, but also since they are concerned with fundamental issues in computation like reliability, flexibility, and fault-tolerance. I found out that many problems have a common underlying structure, so the resulting schemes frequently have similar characteristics and limitations. I intend to work on these problems, improving the efficiency of, and our understanding of various protocol.

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