X-Hero siege for Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne

Infopage about the heroes in X-hero siege 3.28



  • When playing, try to have 3 Ankhs before the first event with the invincible dwarf then you are (almost) guaranteed 50,000 gold which will help you alot.
  • There is a portal in the lower right corner from the castle where you can do some "challenges", doing the first (Mirror Image) gives +100 to all stats and can be completed as early as level 4.
  • Try to look at the timer for special waves of enemies west,north,east,south and put your pets/traps there before they come, or mabye put some pets/traps at your way so that it is guarded while you take care of the wave.
  • In most cases, especially with a melee-oriented hero it is better to not save money for items but rather buy tomes that adds all stats, that makes a stronger hero. Writing -bt buys as many +100 tomes as possible for your money.
  • Writing -random in the beginning picks a random hero for you, and you get 5000 gold to start with! That could buy you a +10 tome, creature summon item or the +300 damage permanent immolation shield. These items all help you a lot to get the kills in the beginning.