Alumni Registration Form

There are SO many success stories that have come out of Pelham High School in recent years.  Pelham High School has produced two Professional Baseball Players - Doug Johnson & Derek Miller, St. Louis Cardinals Director of Scouting - Chris Correa, Executive Producer of hit Travel Channel series"Ghost Adventures" and "Ghost Stalker" - Nick Groff, George Clinton & Parliament - Funkadelic Keyboards/Synthesizers - Danny Bedrosian, Current Division I - University of Wisconson - Green Bay - Head Soccer Coach - Jeremy Bonomo, and many more.  The Pelham High School Baseball program has had it's great deal of success sending numerous players off to college, many of who have enjoyed successful collegiate baseball careers.  Please take a moment to complete this PHS Baseball Player Alumni Survey so that we can begin to compile a database and list of life and career accomplishments from our PHS Baseball Family!  The PHS Baseball Heritage runs deep and has had such a tremendous impact on many players lives.  Please share any available information!  Also, please share this survey with any other players as we are trying to compile an ALL-TIME roster.  Thank you!

Please take a moment to complete the Alumni Registration Form on the PHS Baseball website.  Please share this with ANY players that either you graduated with or played with in high school.  If you have any roster information (even players names) please forward them to  Thank you!

- Coach Billy Beauchesne

PHS Baseball - Alumni Registration Form