Ear piercing stories 

Cartilage not so simple like piercing!!!
Ear piercing stories
In spite of which they say… I have them…
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It chooses a stirring and significant title here
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Since time that I wanted to do it… = ') (just some month, makes <_<' of it)

I had fallen by chance on this site, and had flashé directly in front of a photograph of a piercing to the tragus. It is at this time there that my life rocked… not, I talk cock - _- '

I read all the stories of piercing on the tragus, here, and maintaining is in my turn to tell mine (wéééé) X).

I had spoken about it with my mother, one moment ago, but she did not seem very not justified so that I do it. Indicator that that would not be used for nothing, I decided to wait still a little.

After some weeks, I retentais, and showed photographs with my mother, while explaining to him that there was no danger. But, it did not seem to believe me. She decided to ask her doctor, in order to ask whether there were risks (yes, my mother really does not know herself there in piercings). Of course, the doctor says to him that there were nothing dangerous. However, my mother considered it preferable to wait still a little before doing it.

But I could not wait any more è_é! I went to speak about it with my father, who says that one would do it the following day. My mother did not dare anything to say to my father, of course, huhu.

The following day afternoon, therefore, we rendâmes ourselves with the studio of piercing. There was already no badly world which waited. But, the woman who was going to deal with me says that I will be able to pass directly, because my father had telephoned the store the morning even and that it was prevented that I will come. My father fills the card with I--know-not-what, then the young woman invited me to advance immediately in the “operating room”.

This one was just behind the counter, and was separated by a small wall. But, people could nevertheless all see. I thus sitted on the table, while the lady prepared the material in front of me, (gloves, sterilized needles, jewel, all that what) while speaking to me about the piercing in itself, and another things, (mainly on my others piercings (5 with the left lobe, 3 with the right lobe and one with the cartilage on the right ear) what slackened me a little (yes yes, I super were stressed… It was nevertheless my first piercing with the needle ^^').

It passed an impregnated cotton of one disinfecting, I suppose, then it took the needle, and slowly passed it in the tragus. Sincerely, I felt it to pass, but that was not unpleasant! I was surprised besides of knowing that the needle had passed, and that it was going now to put the jewel. The woman tried to pass the jewel, but it did not seem to arrive there. According to it, I had several layers of cartilage xD. It due thus to take a new needle, then to pass it once again. This time, I smelled it well to pass, and it was… odd ^^' I even could hear a small cracking xD. But they was nevertheless not so painful which I could to me have imagined it. After that, the woman succeeds in passing the jewel, and here! It was already finished! She quickly explained me the products to be used to disinfect the piercing (a certain gel shower, and one disinfecting huhu), and that I could, three weeks later, to change the jewel to put what I want. The piercing had to cost 40€, I think.

And statement which I had stressed all the morning for that…

In conclusion, with the first passage of the needle I did not have badly, but to the second passage, by contreuh… but that went nevertheless, I want to say, I did not push a great cry, while crying like insane a >_<'.

My father did not seem to find the piercing very aesthetic, just like my mother and my brother (who said to me besides that I had done it because “I sought myself”). But, that is what I of fout of their opinion! I had what I, I wanted likes that, and it is the main thing =).

Now, that must make a small hour that I have it, and all is well xD (bah, at the same time, I do not see too much how that could not go just after a half hour =P.). Ca picote a little, but it is normal =).

For those/those which would be tempted to make this piercing, but which does not dare, because of the pain which there could be, me I say… ridges it! You will not have forcèment badly, and then, if that hurt, that last only some seconds, whereas this pretty piercing, you have it for all your life. = ')

Thank you with the lady which made the piercing, if it passes by there xD.

And with soon, for new adventures: O. (not, that it was a joke. Ca would astonish me that my parents agree for another piercing before my 18 years xD.)