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Ear piercing stories
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It chooses a stirring and significant title here
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I one am accustomed of the piercings to the ears: I have 10 of them, in all, a little everywhere. The tragus missed, and I found that simpa like jewel. I feared a little the pain, even if the cartilage had not as well made me suffer as that.

I am body pierceuse, therefore I do not know myself there badly in piercings (fortunately!). I knew that the rumours on the piercing with the tragus were not founded (large cracking, hearing impairment,…). Thus I launched out!

I did not want to me piercer only the tragus. Piercer only is not obvious level precision, especially for the tragus. I preferred to go in studio, to pay it, to have something of good placed. One day that I walked, I fell on a studio which did not seem to me badly. The prices were also definitely lower than those practised in Paris, therefore I entered. I do not guarantee at all the tariffs applied on Paris, I find them well too expensive, the customers are limiting stolen. Once entered, I directly looked at the prostheses and chose the stud in 1,2mm, out of titanium. I would have preferred a bar in bioplast, but it did not have any. And the ring that did not connect me too much (I do not know why, whereas I have full in my others piercings of it).

I was piercée with the catheter, unfortunately… Cathé was very large compared to the jewel, which, in my opinion, caused the pain. The guy had to touch the vein which starts on the level of the lobe, passes by the tragus and finishes on the level of the hélix. I hate to be made piercer with the catheter, because it is longer. I smelled the moment in particular much when the piercor cut the nozzle to be able to put the jewel: that vibrated, have! Another painful moment: the piercor screwed the ball with a grip, but very strongly. I had the impression that it compressed me directly the tragus with the grip. I appreciate when the pierceurs are fast and effective. I fell on a rather slow piercor, although neat. Time seemed to me so long in comparison with the others piercings which I had had before! When he said “it to me is good”, it had occurred well twenty minutes. How one piercor takes his time I include/understand (it is my case), but to answer the questions! Not to insert cathé, to put the jewel, to screw the ball,…. Once raised, I badly bled, and once not left the studio after the payment, I had giddinesses, which had never arrived to me before. I was with two fingers to turn over to the piercor to ask him for a chair! Ten minutes afterwards, all was finished. But it is despite everything the piercing which most badly occurred, from the pain point of view and general feelings. I was not far from faintness vagal once in the street, as if the giddiness were with delayed-action. Thus quickly made, I went to take a trick to me to be eaten. I advise you besides, if you are interested by this piercing (or very other, moreover) to eat well before and to have what to buy something to eat afterwards.

Also, I recommend to you to take a ring in jewel of first installation: it is much more practical to disinfect, look after and turn. The stud is galère bus during the cicatrization, the dry lymph and is stuck between the disc and the skin, which can create an abscess if these particles return in the bored channel. It is on, the ring is for certain less pretty than the stud, but at the beginning, I really advise you to privilege health, the facility of care, with esthetics. In any event time passes quickly, and you will be able to change your jewel soon.

Since, all is well. I changed my jewel for a stud into bioplast, which made heal my piercing in 6 months instead of more than 9. I do not have discomforts, I do not even smell it! Only small concern: my ear-phones have evil to hold when I listen to music, because the bar is a little long. It is my choice, I want to avoid the chéloides. It is also often necessary to clean the back of the stud, between the disc and the skin, because the shampoo, the sudation and secretions of the skin accumulate there (a little as for the plugs ear).

At all events I actually recommend this piercing, pretty, discrete and (especially when it is made with the American needle) not very painful. At the beginning, I wanted small a stud with a purple brilliance, but I finally cracked for a small purple anodic titanium ball, which I have now had for several weeks. I advise you this piercing, more especially as manufacturing them of jewels express jewels for the tragus produce more and more, which are really very beautiful. What to empty its wallet! : -)