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Ear piercing stories 

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Ear piercing stories
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It chooses a stirring and significant title here
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The day finally arrived
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Hello with all! Here history of my new piercing!

I have just been 18 years old there are 2 weeks, but that done almost soon 3 years that I am interested in the body modifications and more precisely in the piercings.

The idea of a piercing came to me like that while trailing on some pages from the Net and that since very small, I saw people with “metal ends” in the flesh.

At the beginning I chose simple a hélix with the left ear, but it was transitory bus on BMEzine, I found the piercing which would go on my right ear: the industrial! The more I looked at the images, and the more I wanted it. It did not fail any more to cross the course, but it was very difficult: I am very soft concerning the pain and a simple needle in my field of vision makes me flee.

I wanted it very extremely this piercing for several points. Of one, I was not piercée of nowhere (even not lobes), of two, I aesthetically found this piercing very pretty and of three, to show with my mother that I am not so soft only that and also to pass this phobia behind me.

I waited until this idea of piercing matures after a few years, because I did not want to do it on a blow of head and to remove it like that and to make a piercing to make like the others.

After having shaken my friends with this desire of piercing, they offer to me in gift, to precisely make me this piercing. When I made the decision to go to make me piercer, I left in search a studio clean, very hygienic, which does not have odor other than that of sterile in Luxembourg. Me was advised a studio where I had already passed 2-3 times. Already while arriving in the studio, the room of pierçage was separated from the waiting room by cloths. Moreover, that felt the incense. And the best for the end, the piercor did not know that when one practised 2 holes in the ear to join them by a long bar that is called “industrial”, I quickly barred itself while running!

I went to seek a second studio which I unfortunately did not find.

To finish, I found my happiness in a studio which is in a good place and where I often passed in front of without looking at the window.

I return in Tattoo Crew and request of information concerning the industrial. One answers all my questions, one gives me even a calling card.

One week later, I was decided. I was going to make this piercing!

Friday May 19 after the courses, I joined my buddy. I needed to slacken me a little before going to the studio then one was caught an ice then all gently one walked in direction of Tattoo Crew.

I return in the shop, I speak with pierceuse and says to him that I am decided to do it, by informing it owing to the fact that I am very soft! It explains me the procedure, how it will make and the continuation and asks to me whether I have questions.

Then it gives me a sheet to be filled and I show him my indentity card to show that I have the necessary age not to have a parental authorization more.

After the odd signature that I made because of the stress, the pierceuse one invites me in the room of torture. This room is very clean, all is sterile. It asks me the slope which I will like to have for my future industrial. It disinfects, mark the points then disinfects (in short normal procedure). T. gave me a rubber band so that I can stick the hair. Moreover it held me cranium to retain the smallest hair which obstructed the pierceuse one.

Ca starts, I wanted to take my legs with my blow, so much I were afraid to have badly, but at the same time, I wanted it too this piercing. Then I said myself: “Courage, these is the seconds which will hurt and then that will be finished”. The pierceuse one takes the grip and puts it on the hole of anti-hélix (aïe that grips extremely!). It says to me: “Attention, I count up to 3. 1… 2… 3…”. *craaac* the needle passed, my god how that pricks!! It removes the needle and puts the jewel. It asks to me whether one can make the second or a pause. A pause is essential for the soft ones and the phobic ones like me! I was entitled to frozen water glass and a dextro to go up me.

5 minutes later, one starts again the same scene, but for the hélix this time. The second passage was more painful, surely because the thickness of the cartillage. I even released small “a aïe” and I tightened very extremely the hand of T.

At the end, it tightens me the two screws of each barbels and once disinfects me with one disinfecting alcoholic (niak that also pricks…).

I am raised with a little evil, I had almost more blood in the head while it explained me the care to lavish. One turns over then to the case to go to pay and at the same time, it gives me a sheet of care and the disinfectant.

3 days passed and all is very well. The first evening I could not sleep on the right ear because they was painful and after the second night I could sleep a little more above.

I apprehend a little the arrival of the lymph and perhaps of the chéloïdes… But I continue the care 5 times per day and nothing still arrived.

In one month I will be able to go to change the 2 barbels for a large bar.

Here is, my account is completed here, I hope that I would have helped you in your choice and if you have questions, do not hesitate to write to me!