The agony

Ear piercing stories 

Cartilage not so simple like piercing!!!
Ear piercing stories
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infection in the cartilage of the ear
It chooses a stirring and significant title here
It chooses a stirring and significant title here
Lobe => coil percing
My expansions, of 25mm one and 5mm another one.
My Experiment Brilliant
My first expansion from 0 to 3 and from 3 to 5
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Piercing with the Cartilage - less worse than one had said to me
Pretty Tragus which is mine
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The agony
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The pain
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From more than a month that task makes piercing or a tatuaggio me, at the beginnig I was more inclined towards this last one, but I did not know truly what makes me tatuare, I have thought to us over a long time span, all have said to think to me well to us because what is one that you always remains in order, but I did not know indeed that to make. Sure, I to the things type my name or my zodiacale sign, or to the name of my girl have thought also. But he was not what I tried, absolutely.

Therefore I have begun to think next to qualcos'altro, that is a fantastic one piercing. The piercing they have always attracted to me, but I had not never thought seriously to make one, but I wanted absolutely to change something of my body, therefore am decided to me. All taken in consideration a P2o the piercing. In order to begin some but I wanted on the orecchie, but the lobe too much was discounted, therefore a my friend advised me makes the piercing me to the trago.

To me at the beginnig it did not make to drive crazy, but after a P2o that I have thought to us carefully, I have understood that it was the piercing that it made the case mine. Therefore I began to inquire itself, first of all turning for Internet, dovo I have uncovered this beautifulst situated one that council to all. After to me it are informed carefully I am decided to make it to me. Hour I had to choose where to go to make it. Churches in turn, I put us a P2o to inform to me on all the places that my city offers, after a P2o I am decided to me to go from pittan! therefore I went to watch it, me seemed a place much professional one, I made two to chiacchere with the piercer and me it has seemed one that of it it understands very, therefore every doubt removed me and I am decided to me to go just them.

In those times but I did not have much time, I was impganto with the school, the girl with the friends. Therefore lost a sight P2o the thing for a time P2o. Then a month it makes a my friend it was exited with a piercing to the trago, came some very well appealed to a bag to me, it had not given to it absolutely no problem and it made truly scene. But just when I had decided an other my friend introduced itself with a piercing to the sopracciglio, and he hit to me tantissimo. It was truly the piercing beautifulr that you had never seen, indeed made me to drive crazy, I must have it at all costs. I am decided endured that I would have made absolutely that type of piercing.

Therefore I went the day after under consideration and the churches it makes me endured the piercing to the sopracciglio. Five minuteren after I had to us, was fantastic I cured it to the perfection and after little time it went to me endured to place, it was fantastic, me innamorai literally of the piercing, therefore lost time and I did not go makes the famous one me piercing to the trago, my choice begins them that then it was jumped. Little after therefore I went in order makes this Benedict me piercing, I did not change the study I chose the same one of the piercing to the sopracciglio, therefore after some day that I have thought to us I am decided to me completely and I went to make it. I entered in the study and churches it makes the piercing me to the trago, without knowing that it would have been the beginning of a hell.

Endured as soon as it made I felt an atrocious pain me, it had made me indeed badly, but indeed a lot, therefore I paid and I exited. I returned to house and it made, the evening always badly me I made hard work to addormentarmi only made an incredible evil me if I touched it within delicately. I did not make more us I was driving crazy literally. More I cured it and more it made me badly gave annoyance to me made me to drive crazy, I did not make more us! me one had swollen all, task that same rejecting. Fact is that although it appealed to a bag to me I could not hold it in that way, would have been an agony, therefore decided to remove it.

Finally after a week I pass to me all and I did not feel more pain, but the most ugly what has been indeed one, the morning I woke up with the full pillow and the ear of blood. It was most ugly and most painful. Therefore decided that I wanted an other piercing, hoping not to be still therefore ill-fated. Hour I am thinking next to that piercing it makes me, I have them considers a P2o all, excluded those you to the genitals them, and me piacciono a lot those to the navel and capezzolo and also the ring to the nasal septum that is truly fico. To the fine ones they are inclined more than all to that one to the capezzolo. Even if I must myself be still informed a P2o, makes an impression to me in effects. An other thing that it makes me to drive crazy is the expansion of the lobe, fantastic, but a P2o scares me.

However prorio task that I will make a piercing the capezzolo, is indeed beautiful, and also a lot sexy. I just hope that he goes to me better but with this type of hole, I crossing the fingers. Also because I do not have intention to pass an other hell like for the piercing to the trago. It is not the case. But I have felt to say that the piercing to the capezzolo it is not painful and that it recovers relatively in a hurry. However I hope it just, because it is the piercing that I have chosen and the piercing that I mean to make.

Even if to say the truth piercing to the genitals them they inspire to me, but me it still does not seem the case. Saying these boys, this has been my experience with the piecing, I augur you good fortune for yours piercing or tatuaggi or other types of corporal modifications. Good fortune boys. I hope that you are not ill-fated how much me with the trago. Hello to all.