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It chooses a stirring and significant title here
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Septum, painful septum
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I always found Piercings attractive and aesthetic by the nasal septum in special way. I had already often tested the reactions of my environment to this not straight everyday sight with a “wrong” Piercing (an open ring, which one wedges simply into the skin, without a hole must be stung). Eight months ago ago was it then so far. I had back and forth finally decided after long that my all first Piercing was to go by the septum. A clean and trustworthy Studio was fast gefuden. The mandatory information search over Internet was only missing. I did not know the empiric reports with BME and IAM at that time yet. Like that I was dependent on the usual enzyklopädischen reference books in the Internet. There nothing pointed on the fact that I me as an absolute Piercing virgin on a very painful, if into the world of the stinging body art had let not the schmervollsten entrance in. Which one reads again and again, it is only that a septum Piercing is to be stung therefore very with difficulty, because the pass channel succeeds only with difficulty absolutely horizontally.

In my unawareness (I had let shoot before only a completely banal Ohrring) I let all preparing procedures carry out calmly at me. The needles were peeled forwards mine eyes from the sterile packing, everything regulated, even the gloves changed for that jetty cerium cleanly and sterile to each work procedure. All this led to a constant growth of my confidence, so that I expected to the parting with increasing leaving. I did not have fear of needles ever. On the contrary, it surprises most physicians that I would like to watch them, if they give me a syringe.

Those clammy ones was set, I already felt the cold needle on my skin and awaited to the things to come there should, when suddenly that said jetty cerium from cheerful sky that straight this Piercing was the pain-fullest of all. A more mismatching instant to communicate he could to me this hardly have selected. My courage had gone in the same instant flutes. I hesitated, asked again and delay and asked myself, on which I had only let myself in there. If he would have said simply nothing and would have pushed the needle without this friendly reference by my septum, everything would have gone probably smoothly over the stage. But by my now violently up-brew-send Gegenwehr slipped those to clammy ones with each new approach and had each time again to be set. When I finally gave my consent, and I achieved, cried the needle their bloody work in my panic like a small child. It is left the readers to paint itself as unbelievably embarrassingly I employed myself. I remember still well the strange noise, when the needle drove by the cartilage. A strange kneeling star, similarly the Zerkauen of chips. Outside in the waiting room, where my Gejammer was to be heard naturally clearly, I heard the owner of the Studios talk reassuring on waiting customers: They did not bräuchten themselves concerns to make, I would exaggerate excessively, and Piercings in other places of the body were comparatively pain-free. The people also still the customers to vergraulen was not my intention. The often described adrenalin thrust nevertheless came directly immediately after completed act, so that I left the Separee with triumphierendem smile.

I adhered strict thereafter to the recommendations for the treatment of Piercings, swallowed pills with zinc (50 mg) and Vitamin C (300 mg), disinfected the fresh wound daily and in addition also each time, if she seemed to have come me inadvertently with germs into contact. Used I the seawater solution of H2Ocean, in addition a means with Benzalkonium chloride (antiseptic) and Lidokain hydrochloride (against the pain), later then another with Triclosan (against microbes). Three months went everything well. But after the three good months three bad months followed with nearly Biblical inevitability. The perforation caught fire and separated amazing quantities of pus. I played briefly with the thought to call on some directors of horror films considered it then however nevertheless more advisable, to visit instead a physician. The treatment with antibiotics reduced the symptoms to a bearable measure, had however to be continued the whole three months continuously.

Which the cause for this infection was, is me to today a mystery. I assume that I caught myself a small cold, which could penetrate then by the open place and spread unhindered there.

At the end the ring had moved considerably and sits now inclined in my nose. One does not see it under normal conditions (but only if one high-looks directly from downside), so that I did not have to remove the ring and to let the same procedure still another second time over me be issued. In the next years flat I, the hole stretch, in the Hofnung that thereby the inclination of the pass channel can be reduced again somewhat.

And the moral of the Geschicht: With a septum Piercing -- more still than with every other Piercing -- do not forget the eight-SAMness on most embarrassing cleanliness!

Tip: The pain sensation when stinging can be measured generally very well in advance, by wedging a laundry-clammy to the place, where one would like itself to let piercen.