Piercing with the Cartilage - less worse than one had said to me

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Ear piercing stories
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It chooses a stirring and significant title here
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Piercing with the Cartilage - less worse than one had said to me
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Since more than 10 years that I wanted this piercing. I always liked the piercing with the cartilage. A small discrete ring with the top of the ear. In the first years, I was too timorous to dare to enter a studio of drilling. Thereafter, I had heard several stories of horror on this kind of drilling. Some on the pain of drilling, but that, by practice, I know pertinently that it is not reliable. I have sufficient drillings and tattooings to know that people too often exaggerate the pain. The majority of these stories related to the time of cure. Me was often said that the cure could take up to one year, even more. It is that which made me more hesitate. Several also said to me to have to remove it because that did not cure as it is needed. In short, I was not at all certain that this drilling is comfortable and guérissable.

For one year, this drilling had not worked me badly. Since my tragus in fact. It had does not cure badly more quickly than than the drilling machine had said to me. In fact, all my drillings always cured more quickly than than one said to me. Since April, my drilling with the cartilage became almost an obsession. I waited 2 months to do it. Much overtime to work in April and at the beginning of May, then a little tight budget at the end of May and at the beginning of June. It is thus on June 27 that the whole was done. In the days which preceded, I consulted several Internet site as much as possible to see examples of this drilling in order to choose the jewel well. After having seen several tens, to see hundreds of photographs, I had a flash. I replace the ring of my tragus by a very small barbell more discrete and I takes this ring (out of black titanium, gauge 14). All Sunday evening, next Wednesday is thus decided, I go to Montreal for that.

For my tragus and my navel, I went to High Times on the street Co.-Catherine Is (Beaudry subway) in Montreal. The first time that I had gone there, it was by chance. I was stationed with the Downtown area and I wanted to go in the corner of Ontario/Papineau. I passed in front of this studio and I decided to enter to inform me, while hoping to avoid several minutes of walk. I liked the studio and the answers to my questions. I am thus gone back there for my tragus and now, my cartilage. As my tragus is in the left ear, I decided to put the cartilage in the right ear, history to balance the things. I thus present myself at High Times in the middle of beautiful an afternoon sunny. I enter and explain to appointed what I want. It refers to me in Érik, the driller. It asks me to wait a few minutes, time that it bore a customer made before me. Once this finished, it comes to see me and I explain to him what I want. I must thus choose a jewel for the tragus. It proposes a very short curved barbell to me, but with peaks at the ends. I prefer balls. While having more, it takes the balls of another jewel. The fateful moment is come from there.

Érik requires of me to accompany it in the room by drilling. It prepares its instruments and the jewel. It starts by replacing the jewel of my tragus. This very simple operation is done in a few seconds. At once finished, I look in the mirror and I like the effect. Exactly what I sought. During this time, Érik cleans the ring and disinfects it before boring my cartilage. Then, one discusses the exact site of drilling. It proposes a first site to me, but I find it too low. The second is the good, just at the place where I want it. It thus marks the place then prepares its tools. It approaches then my ear and without warning, I feel an acute pinching. My cartilage is bored. Érik explains me why it is its sadistic side… or rather than while going there without informing, that removes a little anxiety and nervousness. Indeed, the worst moment of a drilling, they are the minutes or the second previous drilling, when the driller prepares, settles. Indeed, these moments of anxiety were of very short duration. Once made drilling, it remained the insertion of the jewel. The whole was done rather quickly, but that was rather painful. On the other hand, once places from there, more pain. I look at then in the mirror. Excel. I adore. Érik essuie a small drop of blood then, it throws the needle in a container envisaged to this end. One moves then to the case and it explains me the care to bring during the first 2 weeks. It also says to me to call it if J, have questions or problems.

Of return to my car, I look in my mirror. I like really the effect. I made well. Now, cure… how long? Like all my preceding drillings, I am not the indications concerning the care. I tested some products and in all the cases, I almost lost drilling by using them. I use only one product, H2O. Water. I rinse simply drilling with water. Once again, this method was a success. Side pain, the only pain was the the first 3-4 nights, when I was lying on this ear. At the end of 2 weeks, plus any pain. It had been said to me that I could have badly during more than one year while sleeping above… Today, after exactly 25 days, any pain. All is cured and OK.

The morals of this history, do not listen to the stories of horror of people. Often, the human being tends to exaggerate the unpleasant situations. The moral 2è, if you want a drilling with the cartilage, do not hesitate, they are not very painful and by paying attention, that cures very well.