On My Pierced Ears

Ear piercing stories 

Cartilage not so simple like piercing!!!
Ear piercing stories
In spite of which they say… I have them…
infection in the cartilage of the ear
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It chooses a stirring and significant title here
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On My Pierced Ears
Piercing with the Cartilage - less worse than one had said to me
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I had one twelve years when my cousin, who then must have ten, appeared in my house with a very small earring with a golden rock in its left ear. As all child adores a newness, immediately I started to full the bag of my parents so that they left me to place an equal earring. My father found that that age modismo, and did not leave under no hypothesis.

Two years had been transferred, I already had then fourteen, we had in the moved one of the house where we liveed for an apartment next to the center to the city. My cousin (for who the earring was, in fact, modismo) already had taken off its earring, and I still continued fulling the bag so that they left me to pierce the wolf of the left ear.

My mother arrived in certain house time bringing a pair of vagabond earrings (accurately what I want), that they vendem in any pharmacy in Brazil. He said that he had determined to leave that I used an earring, that had been bobagem to restrict me those two years for a thing that I wanted in such a way and that my father not yet wise person you are welcome, but that when arrived in house my ear already would be pierced.

It pressed my left wolf until exangüinar it (and leaving it dormente, in consequence), and pressed one of the earrings against the skin, saying that she only went to wound the skin to mark the ideal place, stops later piercing. I heard a sudden racket, as a snap, and when I perceived was with an earring crossed in the wolf - it had lain, and she intended since the beginning to pierce my ear in that instant.

After the cicatrização phase, I still used for much time that first earring, and later I changed for diverse, amongst rings and figures as eagles and caveiras, many namoradas presenteados for. My small earring of golden rock (identical to the one of my cousin) continued making success, however, and of time in when I still used it.

When I made dezessete years already I liveed outside of house, in another city (the capital of my State), despite entirely supported for my parents, and he studied the first year of Medicine in the Federal University of the Espirito Santo. I decided that it was hour to pierce the wolf of the other ear, and asked for so that my mother made the work. That my father, hearing the respect, only decided that if could not hinder me wanted at least participating. It was a disaster. It pressed the earring against my ear with force, and that ached infernalmente, but when finally it crossed, he was torto well. Bad exactly. Unacceptable. I asked for aid to my mother who, although extremely solícita, or it did not have the same light hand that of the first time or I already demasiadamente was sensetized by the aggression who I suffered from my father so that he considered the procedure made for my painless mother. Still thus, with it the things had been well more easy.

It reused the hole made for my father in the part of the front of the wolf of my right ear, but from it she on the inside remade the passage of the connecting rod of the earring of the skin, and left in a total different point of the original in the behind part. He was perfect. The alignment was excellent, and was so perfectly symmetrical with the left side when the imperfections of the human face allowed to be.

I used of the right side an earring of yellow rock (the pair of my first earring, that was only vendido to the pairs and I had only sweated one until then) until he healed, but of this time I had more problems. Perhaps due to bigger manipulation of my ear during the procedure, the puncture infectou and I had to deal with a swelled, red, hot wolf and dolorido, that espremia I gentily two times to the day to drain put it, and later washed with coconut soap. I did not arrive to use antibiotics for saw verbal, only topical, but in the end of some days had it was well of new, my wolf seemed healthful, pain and the inflammation IDO were had and the puncture went well, debtor.

As soon as entirely healed, I changed the earring of rock for a pair of silver rings, that I was some years without never taking off. Later, when it took off for some reason and it lost an earring, it always came back to use silver rings, one in each puncture, one in each wolf, one of each side. I finished the college of Medicine without taking off the earrings, practically, except a rare time or another one (as in the period of training of the Surgery, where I was forced you make it it for the teacher), and I never received no critical one from patients (that they had been many), only of professors. In the formation photos, I appeared of earrings, and in the Ball of Formation I used smoking and earrings.

Today still use the earrings, even so frequently takes off them and is three or four days without it uses them, but this if must to the fact of I now practise Jiu-Jitsu. Also I left my hair to grow, and while I write I punish in the summer of Brazil with my clusters chestnuts on the shoulders. My current one (and probably definitive) namorada adore my earrings (well more than my long hair), and would not like that I stopped of I use them.

I always confer the ModBlog to see the wonderful published works of tattooing in photos. I am admiring mainly of chest pieces of excellent quality that I see for there. I intend to be tatuado in the next future, but still I look a tatuador that fascinates me with its art, a time that is definitive. Until there, I admire the photos of the others.