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Cartilage not so simple like piercing!!!
Ear piercing stories
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It chooses a stirring and significant title here
It chooses a stirring and significant title here
Lobe => coil percing
My expansions, of 25mm one and 5mm another one.
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My Rook
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Piercing with the Cartilage - less worse than one had said to me
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Hello! I am called Karen and I am 18 years old! I will speak to you about my piercing, the rook of the left ear. Veiled now nearly one year that I have the bored rook. I had already the tragus of the two ears, but I found that it missed something. I adore single being and more and more people whom I knew had the bored tragus. (Which more is, these people were made bore the tragus because they saw mine and found that Ca suited me well, frankly!] By looking at the photographs on Bme, I saw this pretty small piercing, the rook, all the same rather discrete but nevertheless very '' wild ''. I adored. I NEEDED this piercing! The very same day, I went to the studio of piercing and tattoo ROCK'N'ROLL BIZAR has Rimouski, accompanied by a girlfriend (Ben what:) I was too nervous to only go there!) and I said to the receptionist, '' I want to be made bore the rook! ''. It has me dépondu: WHAT?

What did not really put me in confidence, ahah: \. To tell the truth, I failed to make half turn and to go elsewhere. I showed him the part of the ear that it was, it had never seen Ca: \. I was more and more badly has ease. I said myself: not but, in what a kind of studio pocket I am?! However, I had often gone and the girls always had me parru very PRO: \ Finally!

Fortunately, one of pierceuses, Andréanne, knew, it, about what I spoke. It said to me that it had often not done it but that it did not have there a problem. (Nevertheless, has Rimouski, it is not a piercing which one sees has the every day. To tell the truth, I never saw anybody other that me has to have it). I paid (45$, nevertheless, when one thinks of it. finally!).

At this point in time it asked to me whether I were major. AH NOT! SHIT! THE QUESTION SO MUCH DREADED! ME WHICH THOUGHT Me OF BEING SAVED of IT! I was not able to lie to him. It thus forced me has appeller my mother to have her authorization! ARGG! My mother does not like really the piercing! I thus appellée it, and I convinced it, with as argument that I had already the tragus and that in any way, I had already paid! ahah! Thx Mom!

Arrived in the room, it explained me a long time all the risks and the care, bla bla bla, I did not listen to it whole, I had heard this speech of the million times, and I was really stressed. Nevertheless, it is a piece of rather thick skin, the rook! And then I did not have anybody has who to ask whether Ca made well badly, since I did not know anybody having had this piercing! It was carried out. Eh well, has my great surprise, it is the piercing which has me the least hurt, which is not little to say! (Indeed, as regards piercing, I do not know myself there badly: Cartilage, Tragus, Lobes, eyebrow, nose, monroe, language, navel. I removed some from them, on the other hand). In one second, it were made. I felt a very great pressure on my ear, followed by a large CROUNNNNCHHH!!! then it was finished. I did not return from there. I said: ALREADY! WOW, I FELT AI NOTHING: O!

Came then time to insert the barbell, which was rather difficult, since the balls were very small and that my ear was swollen. Ca made a little badly, but nothing too painful. In any way, I was so content that Ca is made! Ca bled a little on the other hand, but anything terrible (compared has my tragus, or I felt blood to run in my ear. ! )

When I saw myself in mirroir it, I immediately adored my new piercing! It was perfect! Thank you Andréanne! I climbed the staircases of speed and I showed with the receptionist my new piercing, and the customers in the shop are all come to see. Moreover, several had never seen Ca I were so proud! I stuck the hair at once, and, like a child, I went to parade in the street by exhibant my new jewel! Yeah!

That made almost a year now, and I adore this piercing! In addition to my two tragus and my piercing with the cartilage, Ca me personalise really, and Ca make turn the heads! When I work, the customers ask me often full with question, and I adore to answer them and speak about my piercing! The rook is that which impresses more! Often, mémé look at my ears with a frightened air! ahah! I adore to cause!

If you have questions, in connection with any piercing, you do not obstruct especially, I adore in speaking and discussing with other fans!