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Ear piercing stories 

Cartilage not so simple like piercing!!!
Ear piercing stories
In spite of which they say… I have them…
infection in the cartilage of the ear
It chooses a stirring and significant title here
It chooses a stirring and significant title here
Lobe => coil percing
My expansions, of 25mm one and 5mm another one.
My Experiment Brilliant
My first expansion from 0 to 3 and from 3 to 5
my first expansor
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my ptite experiment
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Piercing with the Cartilage - less worse than one had said to me
Pretty Tragus which is mine
Septum, painful septum
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The tragus


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Then me, I will speak to you about my last piercing in date: the tragus!

After steps badly of piercings which are super good unrolled (the language, Madonna, navel and lobes) I wanted this since a small moment. I find that it is not yet very common same if early or late Ca will become it like quasi all the piercings!! : (

Is necessary to say that I am super fan of the piercings and tattooings, all that touches with the body modifications and well I am interested in it!

rdv taken with the shop which is super famous in north, rather cool piercor rather direct it is not the kind of shop which thinks has your money rather than has you. finally it is the impression which I have!

Hidden in a small street (j-j rousseau) perpendicular to the street esquermoise (located dabns the Lille old man), pink front, while entering one can see the various windows of piercings with more or less impressive photographs on the walls with printed paper form leopard by small keys. in short a super pretty small shop according to my taste. they made an effort contrary has some shops where the deco is immonde!!

Thus parties to make me piercier the tragus veiled me, not too much apprehension…

Cool Piercor thus Ca does not play badly and me I am also thus rather in a hurry for it to have it and then also to see the feeling of this piercing!

On the level of the choice of the jewels, for him, it is an installation of a ring for the tragus thus I have the choice between various sizes and with ball or not… I chose a very small ring with a small ball color gray steel… Là I acknowledge the choice is tiny…

I pose my buttocks on the oué medical bed is not necessary too to ask me how Ca is called! there it does not slacken badly, I do not hesitate has to raise questions (that it is for the pain or the care and change of jewels, which matter it poses. in short a true interrogation!) then it marks it to me with the felt and asks to me whether Ca is appropriate to me. nickel!

Thus there it takes its large needle, the grip and in 1seconde it is regulated then poses ring for me and there idem one smells just that Ca passes anything malicious good!

Frankly on the level of the pain, the piercor (mike) had said 6/10 to me and I expected has to have more badly than Ca and well nan, it is largely bearable, is necessary to say that it is super rapid like all the piercings. thus not of what to twist pain either!!

On the level of the care not too much galeres, bacterial anti soap with cotton stem and drying with the sopalin the 10premiers days then neutral soap pH during 1mois and half thus nothing catch of head but forcing the care make parties of the piercing thus same if Ca could have been galere when is necessary it is wanted to pass by!!

What A really was harder it is for the ear-phones of the mp3 is necessary same step to hope above to listen to zik it is impossible, to the risk also to make a imflammation and then same if one wants Ca is not due! ….

Change of jewels 1mois and half to see two months to be on it is well nickel, obviously not to put a shit of jewels then and then to make the first change by its piercor it is recommended more!!

On the level of the price, I paid 26euros what is accessible in more.

Small problem for me: it is the first piercing which my posed as many galere!

2 first weeks nothing has to say!! the piercing did not make me more badly than Ca, I did not smell it quasi. level swelling idem nothing has to announce!! thus forcing I was content!

And it is after Ca merdé! during more than one month I galeré with him!!!! I had a really large cheloide but which me constrained terribly! with short step badly of lymph the trick well degueu and which made me super evil!! as soon as I touched accidentally or whereas I slept above it was the shit.

With final at the end of two months, it is super, more swelling, more lymph…

I hope well to remake two piercings with the tragus other with dimensions! in espernt can be to have less good put misery I am ready A to start again in all ways!! at worst Ca has 1mois to see two after Ca occurs better!

it should be known that for the level of the cicatrization it is necessary to thus count of 9 A 12 months the way is still long for me!! since it is still recent but I remain positive!!

For those which Ca interest, Si want it to you do not hesitate frankly… choose just the good piercor and for those on Lille candy' S piercing it is super, mike is good councils and then level hygiene it is more than clean. it is really good job!

veiled the ptite history of one perforated;)