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Ear piercing stories 

Cartilage not so simple like piercing!!!
Ear piercing stories
In spite of which they say… I have them…
infection in the cartilage of the ear
It chooses a stirring and significant title here
It chooses a stirring and significant title here
Lobe => coil percing
My expansions, of 25mm one and 5mm another one.
My Experiment Brilliant
My first expansion from 0 to 3 and from 3 to 5
my first expansor
My Industrial
my ptite experiment
My Rook
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On My Pierced Ears
Piercing with the Cartilage - less worse than one had said to me
Pretty Tragus which is mine
Septum, painful septum
The agony
The day finally arrived
The pain
The tragus


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Hey well firstly thanks for coming to read me, it is very nice. I will start with the beginning… Since I am very small, I dream to have full with piercings everywhere. I had already the nose, the navel, the ears (9x) and the language of bored, but I wanted something again, of different. After speakhaving spoken about it with my friends (Who trippe also piercings) I wanted something definitively which leave the ordinary one, I know that I cannot invent new percings, but I can at least be done bored has places a little more different than the world in general.

It was a few months ago, I do not remember more exactly. I was with a friend when suddenly we have to decide to go to make us bored. It it navel and me I had to notice, while surfant on BME, a industrial. I the idea to make at the same time me was a little nervous A bored the ear with two place different, but I took my courage has two hands, and we are to enter.

We is to enter the masonry, it was very well to decorate, a decoration which makes us feel in confidence, all was clean, which déstressait me a little. Dom answered us with a sourrire, It made us visit a little since it was new. When I live the chair of drilling. I was more and more to stress. In short, Dom asking us what we want. My friend thus explained to him what she wanted and with which jewels. It says to me to wait a little in the room, and it left with her. During this time I looked at the tattoos, I really saw the cool ones! I hope well that when I will go back there that will be to make me tattoé. But in short, I could not more or less concentrate me on what I saw in stores because I was too much to stress. Good, after one 10 groins of minutes, my friend left finally, the sourrire with the lip and a new jewel with the navel, it say that was practically without pain and that all had indeed been, Dom was a very good driller! But there. It was finally my turn.

It asked to me whether I wanted balls of color, I says not. After choosehaving chosen my jewel, to measure it and look at the site, I sat down on the chair, it déinfecta the whole and it was now near.

It left a pair grip and a needle, a chance that I am not afraid of his tricks if not I would have straightforwardly to hood. It commenca with the hole low, I practically did not smell anything! But the second. oh lala. I have regreter a good 10 seconds to have sat there. And roof of misfortune my put ear is had to bleed, Dom éponga the whole. some minutes later, it was already done. not without pain, but it was less worse so that I expected. It says to me that it was normal that people bleeds after drillings, but that to bleed like me, it had seldom seen some, it was very the fun has to hear, let me say that to you. haha. Appard the blood and a little pain, all was perfect. When I left the small room, my friend pointed out me that I had blood on my collet of waistcoat, it was too a little dégouter. haha

When we left the studio, one was proud us! To finally had taken our courage you has two hands to finally turn over to be done bored. The navel of my friend is well, it did not make an infection, fortunately! And it do not have the air has to want to make rejection either. My industrial well also goes, no matter what it is not yet cicatricer and which my hair mèlent often afterwards, which is very uncomfortable!

In short, I hope that I do not have to too much annoy you with my history of percings, I find that it does not have enough history of French drilling, would be really to appreciate if everyone wrote them. And not to forget not; if you hesitate over this percings, go y nevertheless, same if it makes me still badly after a few months, it is worth the sorrow of it!

I would like to remake me a industrial other with dimensions, but I do not know if I will be able to endure the time of cicatrization, it little almost up to 1 year! Perhaps that my next percings will be a tragus, I find them so nice… Perhaps also that will be a labret, I will see. but a thing is certain, I do not have to finish to be done bored! . And I surely will be new in the clan of tattooé! What will surely not make pleasure has my parents.

On this passing an excellent end of day, and/or evening, it does not matter.