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Ear piercing stories
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It chooses a stirring and significant title here
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my first expansor
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My experience began enough ago, from but small more or less 12 years now I have 15. I always like the idea of piercing, so she does about 4 months I decided to expand my lobe to 5mm. It was not a difficult decision since I have 3 piercings but, one underneath the language labret and tragus. I went with the idea to a friend and him taste, much enough but because he is something different and it has a special meaning for each one in our case of marking a little but our friendship in this way.

We decided to do expanzor the meetings he himself day to us, investigated a little in Internet on well-taken care of and methods finally we decided on the homemade method, the only one that we had because nobody makes east type of things here. We went to buy the jewelry shop, spirals of 5mm of acrylic reason why we knew a good material and is light (at the outset it costs to adapt to the metallic jewelry shop). That same day we began to pass it, was not painful for anything single burned just a little bit. During one week every day after bathing (since the skin this but soft one to me and is but easy to pass it) the hoop pressed a little thus finally manages to obtain it without pain some. when finally it manages to pass the hoop through my ear I bleed enough and a little had been swollen, but I removed the blood quickly so that a scab did not form, and the swelling went after days. My friend I as much do not take in only three days tapeworm the hoop in its place, but this depends on the height of pain the people. And although I support enough pain I considered the risk s that can bring to pass a piece so quickly (as internal striae or scars)

Recently my friend decided to remove it to it because she thought that she could harm it in the future, by the subject of the work and others I on the contrary decided to continue expanding it, and when seeing that with the first my mother acceptance did not have a bad reaction but that it enough either, she is not that it likes but or piercings takes or the things by the subject from the others. Reason why without no opposition I happily continued expanding my lobe, this happened 1 month ago more or less.

It is that my brother also had decided to become one reason why my father I buy a hoop of 8 mm in Buenos Aires because in where alive study of piercings or something similar does not exist, there are people who practice without studies or knowledge and use any type of pieces reason why little jewelry shop is obtained very and but the great one was the one that already tapeworm. To pass this spiral metallic was not difficult he himself day already the tapeworm put and not felt no pain. According to which I read I understood that when having a expanzor of 5mm expands single by the subject of the weight of the hoop and others until 7/8mm, probably by this was so simple

Nevertheless to me it continued seeming that he was very small and it makes the decision to expand it to 10mm

At the outset it doubts in doing it by the subject that never it returns to the place and all those things, in addition I have thought to make a cultural interchange and my school does not allow east type of hoops in fact does not allow any. This can get to harm to me. The subject of how it go to take it the society I concern little and nothing is a very own subject that it goes but one finds to have a slope in the ear each can give a meaning him.

Anyway I went to the premises that sells hoops in search of the wished measurement, but as already it mentions before it is difficult to obtain jewelry shop in where alive and I returned to house with the idea that it was not going to obtain it until the summer in where the hoop of that size was going to be able purchase.

Looking for in house because it was not going to give me by won I found a small stick that went of but fine to but heavy (those that is used to maintain the buns) I measured it and as it agreed with the measurement that wished disinfects it I put cream and I began to pass it.

At the outset it was all good but soon I realized that the small stick was enough length and uncomfortable and it bothered me to sleep because when clearing it with the pillow paresia as if it was torn and it began to burn again reason why to the other day it was but difficult that it passed a little but because the pain was he himself without having it I throw. Also it bothered for the school that tapeworm that to hide it with the hair constantly, anyway that was not of great importance because they lacked single 4 days of classes and did not think to clear it to me.

I decided to change it by something but short and of another material (also something found in house) and when trying to remove it he was quite joined (like patch) not if it were by the cream or so you see by an internal scab that it makes haste I throw that the blood was united to the small stick, scares a little to me but I returned to leave it in its place. I thought that so you see this had happened by the type of material (wood) By all means maintained it higienizado.

Now I have my expanzor of 10 mm I throw by my same through a slow process 6 months so you see and very contented with since my lobe not this damaged nor with infection some.

I wash each very well to it you see that I bathe because together ugly scent and change the jewelry shop not to marry to me.

So you see but ahead sigua expanding it or lamentably by has I am going to have to remove it by the one of the interchange.

I recommend that they do this good one and does not hurt nothing else if you use east method that is but homemade it is necessary to consider that is a long process otherwise will have to make it in a study. That if there is to have well-taken care of with the jewelry shop that you go through the ear and to disinfect it very well before. And not to press but if you feel that it does not give but to force does not serve don't mention it it. So patience and to enjoy.