My first expansion from 0 to 3 and from 3 to 5

Ear piercing stories 

Cartilage not so simple like piercing!!!
Ear piercing stories
In spite of which they say… I have them…
infection in the cartilage of the ear
It chooses a stirring and significant title here
It chooses a stirring and significant title here
Lobe => coil percing
My expansions, of 25mm one and 5mm another one.
My Experiment Brilliant
My first expansion from 0 to 3 and from 3 to 5
my first expansor
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my ptite experiment
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On My Pierced Ears
Piercing with the Cartilage - less worse than one had said to me
Pretty Tragus which is mine
Septum, painful septum
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Began I to like this of the expansions, when I enter my school a boy who had plugs of 22 and 23 in each ear… I was inquiring but, and every time I was becoming friend of the boy, until a day I decided to make me a hoop very small.

Hoop buys, was like anyone, single that the thickness of the palito tapeworm 3mm, era of black color and tapeworm as drawing the ball of pull I number eight, later I went to the house of this boy (with which either it took to me very or), and take hold a bottle of alcohol and a cream, I disinfect or the hoop and step cream by the lobe of my ear, and also of he himself expansor, I or was in favor anxious to have it, minutes later with a little force of a single pull step the hoop, hurt enough, but I liked much and totally was satisfied, that was what me towards to forget of which it hurt at the moment.

To the time, sleeping me salio and I had myself to wait for until the wound is cured, and i myself goes again it, but it was not cured absolutely, this second time, I believe that it hurt but that first. When I began more that is to say on the expansions, I occurred to account of that was bad trim, but much did not notice.

After a time, when I cure absolutely, another friend mine, I lend a white horn to me of 5mm, to both days of to me to have rendered it, I decided to do it i myself to me, since more or less tapeworm knew what that to do. But me it passes it through half, and I bleed but of the normal thing, and I hurt the ear much again, and waits for a time that was cured again… when I heal well already fixes and almost expanded nontapeworm, for that reason seemed better to me to return to me to put the other very small one, this time I do not bleed since something had been enlarged the hole. One week later approximately, or less, I seated a mirror in front of and it removes the small expansor to me and I saw that more or less it had healed. So it was the moment to pass to me the horn white of my friend.

I went to look for alcohol and cream, as it decided me that the first time had made my friend, disinfects my ear and the hoop, and I was happening little by little, slipped without no problem, until I arrive at a point that no longer happened but and tapeworm that to begin to make enough force, there began to hurt more and more and to notice that the skin in the part back was being broken and opening, as happens in the first expansions.

The truth did not hold but the pain, and waits for a time to that it calmed a little, I seated in the computer, relaxes a little to me and later I put myself to chatear, step the time and no longer it noticed it, as much that it forgets to me my average expansion, pays attention again to him, and it watches to me in a mirror: the blood that had flowed was dry, around the expansor also, the ear very was swollen, that gave the sensation me of which it was going to me to hurt but, but in the end lets give me returns, and tries to pass it, because of the cream, slipped the fingers, but it takes hold a piece of paper napkin and I made pressure on the ear, that if I work, I let slip and it passes it of one, to the aim I was able to pass the cuernito to me! The truth was a lightening, it releases to me and it watches me at the mirror, and I liked but that the other, not even I stopped to think what she was going to him to say to my breast when she sees it.

Later I did not have any problem with the hoop and I like much as I am, and I continue liking, now I have it at the moment, but already it is hour to change it to me by some but great one, nevertheless I am not safe to continue expanding that ear to me, but but ahead surely if, I thought about arriving at 30mm. If we observed it in detail, it is possible badly to be seen that this average trim, but note less than before.

Before yesterday, I found the first expansor of 3mm, and me I wanted it to happen in the other ear that tapeworm without expanding, later wanted to pass to me the horn to have them of equal measurement, hurt but that first of all the experiences, it was the hoop that but cost of happening to me, but in the end step, I slip worse than the white horn, and for that reason it is that I used he himself method of the paper.

To the night I went to sleep, and to the morning I woke up with the small cover of the expansor (that era of plastic) totally broken, was rare that the hoop had not left me, perhaps is so that the ear very was swollen, and the hoop still did not have mobility.

That it hurts that the small cover was broken, so that me I had it to remove, was scared of which loses myself I by the street or in a side where she cannot recover it, so that I would like to keep it from memory like my first hoop used for an expansion.